50 Things We’re Grateful For: Bloggers Unite!

My friend Dawn Quyle Landau  invited me to join in this “blog party,” where we write what we’re grateful for. The rules required we set a timer for 10 minutes and then write, and were allowed a little time for adding links and photos. I’m honored to be included.

Here’s my 50 Things I’m grateful for:

  1. for my parents who are still active, fun to be with, and filled with wisdom. I know each day is a gift. Scanned Image
  2. for my husband of 34 years. We’ve always done a lot of activities together and keep finding new things we both enjoy. RSCN0645
  3. for my three children: I admire their devotion and discipline to what they believe in and am grateful to part of their journeys.
  4.  for my siblings: we speak the same languageCIMG0599
  5. for my grandchildren seeing the world through their eyes and hoping to see as much of their futures as I can
  6. for my education
  7. for my health and the health of my family
  8. for the gifts of the senses
  9. for my friends – those of long standing and those I’ve met more recently
  10. for reading, books, libraries and librarians
  11. for knitting
  12. for cycling that allows me to see places and get exercise
  13. for yoga that keeps me flexible to ride my bike
  14. for nature and the changing of seasons
  15. for President Obama and all he’s done for the country
  16. for democracy and a free press and the right to vote
  17. for sunrises and sunsets
  18. for blogging and my blog friends
  19. for writing and creating books
  20. for my years as a news paper reporter
  21. for being a teacher and always learning from my students
  22. for computers as I type quickly on my Macbook Pro
  23. for foods of all types
  24. for baking and cooking and eating
  25. for theater:  seeing plays and writing them
  26. for movies and television
  27. for art and museums
  28. for music: from rock to classical
  29. for live concerts- mostly classical—hearing a symphony is transformative
  30. for travel and experiencing the world
  31. for living near New York City and being able to take advantage of so much it offers
  32. for a diverse population
  33. for the US Constitution
  34. for being able to drive- getting my license at age 16 meant freedom
  35. for newspapers and magazines
  36. for my clothes – especially scarves
  37. for my funky earrings and bracelets
  38. for mentors
  39. for our lake house and lake swimmingCIMG0646
  40. for growing up with grandparents and feeling special to them
  41. for fresh air
  42. for strong coffee
  43. for herbal tea
  44. for chocolate, especially dark with nuts
  45. for ice cream- the answer to all ills
  46. for lobster and other seafood
  47. for blueberry pie
  48. for cheese
  49. for fruit, especially fall apples and fresh cider
  50. for pets: dogs I’ve had and still miss, especially WillyIMG_1153-2


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18 Responses to 50 Things We’re Grateful For: Bloggers Unite!

  1. I so enjoyed your list, Lisa. Thank you so much for participating! xox

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  2. Perfect writing prompt and I second all 50 – except the cycling one LOL

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  3. erinleary says:

    I can relate to the dogs that are no longer with us entry. I still miss Max and Phred. Great dogs are a blessing.

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  4. Drjcwash says:

    Ok, I will try to do this. Thanks for the challenge.

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  6. I would love to learn knitting. So great that you put together this list. What a blessed life you have! A great idea…who would be able compile 50? 10 maybe, but 50???? Wow!


  7. Guess you’ve covered every thing..Thank you for the nice things youv’e said about Daddy and me.
    Will watch for next year’s list


  8. Beautiful happy list! I feel that we are very similar in our likes and thankfulness!! Happy Holidays.


  9. Very sweet! So much to be thankful for! Thank you for sharing!


  10. What a great idea and what a beautiful post, Lisa. I have only one disagreement.
    Good Health should be at the very top of the list, and if you are lucky enough to have it all else will be possible!

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  11. Leah Singer says:

    I love this post! It’s neat seeing what others are thankful for and it always is such a great exercise to remember what we are truly grateful for as well. Happy New Year!


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