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Birthday Giving

My birthday is next Saturday.  In the morning, I’ll be participating in training to be a debate moderator, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. My local league, which comprises three towns, gets more requests than it can satisfy for … Continue reading

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Unfriend Facebook?

In February I posted on Facebook that I was seriously considering pulling my pages. Disgusted with the reports of election hacking made more accessible via Facebook I felt enough was enough. Facebook friends encouraged me to stay. After all, it’s … Continue reading

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The Bear, My Birthday & Facebook

Between the bear earlier this week and my birthday yesterday, I experienced my own little bit of Facebook fame, garnering more likes, comments and reactions than I’ve ever had.   I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed the attention … Continue reading

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Iced Tea for ALS

They’re predicting 90 degrees today; a day to stay cool and hydrated. I’ll make a pitcher of sun tea outside and fill glasses with ice and fresh mint. I won’t however, be dumping a bucket of ice cubes and water … Continue reading

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Curing Laryngitis: Silence & Steam; Garlic & Ginger

Feeling sorry for myself, I posted this on Facebook last night. Cures for laryngitis, please. The advice poured in.  It fell into a few categories. Quite a few recommended silence, no talking, not even whispering, that apparently makes it worse. … Continue reading

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Fasting & Tisha B’Av

My daughter-in-law Karen sent me this photo early this morning- with this caption: Crab walk with abba—Going to be a LONG fast for abba with all this exercise ha ha” Abba is Hebrew for father, which my grandchildren call their … Continue reading

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Facebook “Likes”- Sincere or not?

“If you ‘like’ something, does that mean you care about it?” David Carr wrote in today’s New York Times. It got me thinking about Facebook and all the “likes.” I liberally sprinkle “likes” on a variety of posts.  Animals, my … Continue reading

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