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Summer Safety!

“We had an incident yesterday and it wasn’t a good outcome.” The young National Park ranger told us, his delivery straightforward. No emotion, no hysteria, and no lecture. But the message was as clear as the river water.   The … Continue reading

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Marching Bands & Memorial Day

       Trumpets! Tubas! Flutes! Saxophones!  Drums!  The Pit! Color Guard!  Memorial Day for me is high school marching bands. When I was a child, my family would  rush to the town’s traffic circle and wait for the band to … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Baking: “No Nuts” Chocolate Banana Cake, Blueberry Crumb Cake

My daughter is home from college. She complained about the rhubarb crisp I made because it had nuts. When I asked her what she liked, she said chocolate chip banana cake. My sister Madeline, a professional baker, provided this easy … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? I received the text while we were driving home from a morning bike ride. Shalom Family and Friends, Today we brought our newborn son אורי  עדריאל URI ADRIEL (oo-ree, ah-dree-el) into the covenant of Avraham (the … Continue reading

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Sweaters not Bombs!

Sweaters not Bombs! Yarn Bombing? A new worldwide craze has knitters and crocheters  adorning city objects – lampposts, fire hydrants, statues, bike racks and the like-  in knitted apparel. Produced in workshops mostly on knitting machines, then fitted stealthily during … Continue reading

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Met Musings

Metropolitan Museum Musings    As a college freshman, I enrolled in Art History- a specialty at Vassar. Sitting in a darkened auditorium, looking at slide upon slide of sculptures, paintings  and drawings, and listening to professors who had devoted their … Continue reading

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Baby Boy Roelofsen-Winkler 3/15/11

  This is my new grandson. We won’t know the name for 8 days- that is the tradition with the Orthodox Jews. Will let you know!  He has one first cousin, our grandson Simon Isaiah;  two uncles, three aunts, four … Continue reading

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