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Summer Safety!

“We had an incident yesterday and it wasn’t a good outcome.” The young National Park ranger told us, his delivery straightforward. No emotion, no hysteria, and no lecture. But the message was as clear as the river water.   The … Continue reading

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Marching Bands & Memorial Day

       Trumpets! Tubas! Flutes! Saxophones!  Drums!  The Pit! Color Guard!  Memorial Day for me is high school marching bands. When I was a child, my family would  rush to the town’s traffic circle and wait for the band to … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Baking: “No Nuts” Chocolate Banana Cake, Blueberry Crumb Cake

My daughter is home from college. She complained about the rhubarb crisp I made because it had nuts. When I asked her what she liked, she said chocolate chip banana cake. My sister Madeline, a professional baker, provided this easy … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? I received the text while we were driving home from a morning bike ride. Shalom Family and Friends, Today we brought our newborn son אורי  עדריאל URI ADRIEL (oo-ree, ah-dree-el) into the covenant of Avraham (the … Continue reading

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Sweaters not Bombs!

Sweaters not Bombs! Yarn Bombing? A new worldwide craze has knitters and crocheters  adorning city objects – lampposts, fire hydrants, statues, bike racks and the like-  in knitted apparel. Produced in workshops mostly on knitting machines, then fitted stealthily during … Continue reading

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Met Musings

Metropolitan Museum Musings    As a college freshman, I enrolled in Art History- a specialty at Vassar. Sitting in a darkened auditorium, looking at slide upon slide of sculptures, paintings  and drawings, and listening to professors who had devoted their … Continue reading

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Baby Boy Roelofsen-Winkler 3/15/11

  This is my new grandson. We won’t know the name for 8 days- that is the tradition with the Orthodox Jews. Will let you know!  He has one first cousin, our grandson Simon Isaiah;  two uncles, three aunts, four … Continue reading

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“Get on the Bus”

I was five years old in 1961 when the  Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) began sending civil rights activists, mostly college students, into communities in the South, to bolster the US Supreme Court’s decision ending segregation for interstate travelers. I … Continue reading

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Cycling Post-Ride Lunch: Soup ‘n Cake

Cycling Sunday: Post-Ride Lunch Hungarian Fish Soup Our friend Attila   is Hungarian and one of his friends posted a recipe on Facebook for Hungarian Fish Soup. I’ve made several fish soups and chowders, and usually puree everything together. This … Continue reading

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Brown’s “R3,” Actors on Shakespeare

The complaints: Ms. Winkler, why do we have to learn about Shakespeare? This is way too hard. Why do they talk this way?   Once they got the hang of hurling insults- “Thou art a craven, folly-fallen hedge-pig!”  Or showering compliments- … Continue reading

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