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Children’s Book Briefs

I visited my mentor, Dr. M. Jerry Weiss this week. At 90, he’s as sharp as ever and we discuss everything from family to politics and of course, children’s literature. He gave me a batch of books when I left. … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s 11/22/63

When I tell people I’m reading a Stephen King novel, many are surprised. Really? Isn’t he all horror? The skeptics ask. Not all his books. And over the years, I’ve managed to read quite a few that capture the imagination, … Continue reading

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Read: A Man Called Ove

I’m a frequent library patron, and often spend time browsing the stacks of new titles, both fiction and non-fiction. I borrow a diverse range of books, taking comfort that as an adult; I can abandon a book if it’s not … Continue reading

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On the Road with Gloria

Travel, says Gloria Steinem  in her memoir, My Life on the Road, is messy. You never know what can happen and more importantly, who you’ll meet. For Steinem, nearly 82, travel has been part of her entire life, beginning in childhood … Continue reading

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Cary, Anthony, & Alice: More Books

Summer’s nearly over. Here’s a few titles to carry you through Labor Day. Princess Bride fans take note. Cary Elwes, the actor who played Wesley, has written a memoir about the making of the 1987 movie, based on the 1973 … Continue reading

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Weighing in on “Watchman”

I admit I was one of the flocks of millions who anticipated the new Harper Lee novel with glee.  A chance to re-enter that world of small town Alabama and the world of those characters, Scout, Atticus, Jem and Dill? … Continue reading

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Celebrating “Boyhood”

Childhood, as everyone who’s been through it knows, isn’t always fun. Growing up is hard to do and parents can be real jerks some times. Then we become parents ourselves and realize our parents did their best, as we hope … Continue reading

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