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And the Sunshine Award Goes To:

Award season is  upon us and bloggers want to be liked as much as anyone else. Including me. So thank you Gabi  Coatsworth for including me in your “Sunshine Award” list. The guidelines for receiving this award: 1) Thank … Continue reading

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State of the Union: 2012 & 1979

Sitting on my couch, my knitting in my lap, the television on, I waited for door of the House of Representatives to open and for the Sargeant of Arms to announce: “Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States.” As … Continue reading

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Basking in Batter Bliss

My baking barrage began before Thanksgiving and hasn’t really stopped. Banana cake batter with chocolate chips-  a favorite of my daughter so I made it a few times the month she was home from college on winter break.  Decadent chocolate … Continue reading

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Kids & Activities: Balancing Ballet

Plié, jeté, arabesque. These terms dance in my head years after my ballet lessons ended. When I see a ballet, I remember doing these steps and marvel at how the bodies on stage move with such fluidity, poise, and grace.  … Continue reading

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Double British Delight: Iron Lady & Downton Abbey

A freezing cold day; a perfect time for a movie matinee.   Iron Lady, stars Meryl Streep as Britain’s Margaret Thatcher and captures Thatcher’s upbringing as a grocer’s daughter, how she earned a place at Oxford, and entered politics in 1959, … Continue reading

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Dimes Don’t Make me Donate!

In my kitchen, next to my telephone, sit a stack of pads of paper, all sent as gifts from various charities soliciting money.  In my desk-filing drawer, tucked behind the stamps, stand sheets and sheets of address labels, given free. … Continue reading

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Picking Toys: Gender Specific vs. Gender Neutral; Just Play!

Every Tuesday, at 3 pm, I collect my two –year- old grandson  from nursery school and we play until his dinnertime, about two hours later. One of our favorite outdoor activities is walking around the neighborhood looking for trucks. We … Continue reading

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Thank You Note Thanks

Returning from New Year’s weekend, having not collected the mail for two days,  I hit the jackpot. Not with gifts, coupons, sale catalogs, or even holiday cards.  Four personal thank you notes greeted me.  My mother always insisted we write … Continue reading

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Woman Threatens Mother & Crying Baby on Amtrak

My son, daughter-in-law, and seven month old grandson Uri got on the Amtrak train at 8 pm last night, for the 18 hour ride to New York City.  They’d spent a week with her family and had opted to take … Continue reading

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