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Spy Sira Sews Secrets in “The Time In Between”

“A typewriter shattered my destiny.” So begins Maria Duenas’ The Time in Between, a 600-page saga chronicling the metamorphosis of a poor Madrid seamstress into stealth, stylish World War II spy. Sira Quiroga’s life changes quickly when her government clerk … Continue reading

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Happy 133rd Birthday, Major Taylor!

We’ll be cycling along and often our white jerseys, adorned with red, green and black, draw attention from other cyclists, walkers, and drivers. “Who, “ they ask, is  Major Taylor? Born Marshall Taylor November 26, 1878, Taylor was the first … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Guilt: Not on the Menu!

The woman behind me in Kings tossed her groceries onto the conveyor belt, apologizing to the cashier. “I usually make everything myself. But this year, my father is sick and I’m buying.”  The young woman scanning the prices smiled. Like … Continue reading

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Actor Ray Fisher: Being Tom Robinson

Ray Fisher’s best friend bet him he’d get into acting school. The stakes? The loser would have to shave his head.  Sure enough, Fisher’s head was bald shortly after receiving his acceptance letter to the American Musical & Dramatic Academy … Continue reading

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“Art Rocks the School”

Madeline Taylor looked at the group of students preparing to pirouette across the gym floor. Pointing to one boy, she remarked how he gets in trouble nearly every day. But on A.R.T.S.  Day, not one child requires discipline, not one … Continue reading

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Watch Woes: Good-bye Batteries, Hello Solar

I glanced at my left wrist and panicked.  My watch! The lone elastic hair-tie wouldn’t tell me the time. In my haste to change pocketbooks for my day in New York City during the power outage, I’d left my watch … Continue reading

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Mary Badham: “Looking Back with Scout”

Nearly 50 years after appearing as “Scout” in the 1962 film To Kill A Mockingbird,  Mary Badham continues to bring the movie’s messages about equality, compassion and tolerance around the world. Badham shared her memories of making the movie, her … Continue reading

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My Glimpse into the Green Room: To Kill A Mockingbird

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at half hour.” The stage manager reminded the cast and crew over the intercom. Sitting before my mirror in the dressing room, I joined the professional actors as we completed our final preparations: applying make-up, repinning … Continue reading

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Picking Peanut Butter: 540 Peanuts Per Jar

“Jif or Skippy?”  I was asked as I left the Y after my yoga class, and offered to see if I could tell the difference. I knew I couldn’t so just took one sample of the peanut butter smeared on … Continue reading

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