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Beach Day: Seal Release!

My husband had returned from the West Coast on a red-eye flight and suggested we go to the beach for the afternoon. We’ve been going to Sandy Hook National Seashore for years. A sunny, mild day, the beach, post-Labor Day, … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

I was peacefully reading the newspaper, drinking my coffee this morning when a dark shadow appeared across the page. Looking outside the doors leading to the patio, I saw a small black bear in the garden. My first reaction was … Continue reading

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Hiking Havasupai

We might never have heard of the Havasupai Falls  had it not been for our guide from last spring’s hiking and biking trip in Utah,  who raved about this majestic place. The falls are part of the Grand Canyon, but … Continue reading

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Mushroom Mystery

Some magnificent looking mushrooms have sprung up in front of the house across the street. The size of salad plates, appearing suddenly when heavy rains followed a heat wave, they seem magical, planted by a garden troll or an alien.  … Continue reading

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Thermopolis, Wyoming: Hot Springs

“This will be our last trip,” my father told me, shortly after I retrieved my bag from the tiny airport in Worland, Wyoming. This year marks their 20th visit to Thermopolis, the largest town and the county seat of Hot Springs … Continue reading

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Twister! There’s An App!

I dropped my daughter at the airport early today for a flight to San Francisco, where she hopes to secure both an apartment and a job in the next week. She has her heart set on moving there and envisions … Continue reading

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Slow Down: Turtle Crossing!

A decapitated deer. A squished snake. A rotting raccoon. A pungent possum.   A rare skunk or porcupine. Road kill. If in a car, I often joke about stopping and bringing home dinner. On my bike, it’s a different story. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Maine Moments

We spent a few days on the Maine coast, biking and hiking. Crisp cool air, wildflowers, water everywhere, and lobster.  Every town has a library,  a post office, more than one bookstore, a bike shop, and a yarn store featuring … Continue reading

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Summer Invasions: Cicadas & Geese

My grandson got out the car and covered his ears with his hands. “What’s that noise?” he asked. Then he answered, “I think it’s a monster waking up.” We’ve been reading the myth about Papagayo, the noisy parrot whose raucous … Continue reading

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Beware the Bryozoans!

Our neighbor David  paddled over in his kayak, a red plastic bucket straddled between his knees. Inside, he’d scooped up an alien gelatinous glob that had attached to his dock. We weren’t surprised, having already seen colonies of these brain-like … Continue reading

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