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Based on a True Story: Movies, Plays, & a Concert & a Book

Based a true story. That’s been the tagline of much of the culture I’ve either seen or read lately. Walking with the Enemy  claims to be less based and more “inspired” by the life of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum, a young Hungarian … Continue reading

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Ed Kane: Pearl Harbor Survivor

December 7, 2012 marked the 61st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I interviewed Ed Kane, 92, about his experiences for JerseyMan magazine. Kane is one of about 3,500 remaining survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack.  Prepared to talk … Continue reading

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Elie Wiesel: Never Forget, Fight Indifference

Like most children, Elie Wiesel grew up loving stories, especially horror stories that he found funny. He never imagined his writing wouldn’t include those kinds of tales, that instead, his writing would portray real horror. Expressing his gratitude for receiving … Continue reading

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The Power of Words: Sendak, Bradbury & Churchill

My supervisor entered my room and stood by the classroom door. I was teaching a class;  her interruption of my lesson  took precedence over anything else. I asked my 8th graders to read their books or complete some exercise while … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

It’s Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, created by the state of Israel to remember the Holocaust and the six million Jews who perished. It falls on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. For the remaining survivors, I’m sure they … Continue reading

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Spy Sira Sews Secrets in “The Time In Between”

“A typewriter shattered my destiny.” So begins Maria Duenas’ The Time in Between, a 600-page saga chronicling the metamorphosis of a poor Madrid seamstress into stealth, stylish World War II spy. Sira Quiroga’s life changes quickly when her government clerk … Continue reading

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Beach Reading: “The Hare with Amber Eyes”

In the past two days, I traveled to Tokyo, Paris, London, Vienna, and Odessa, mostly sitting in a beach chair. Not really a sun goddess, I usually spend most my time in the water or walking up and down the … Continue reading

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Art Heists: Film, Fact, & Fantasy

When I go to an art exhibit, be it small gallery or large museum, I play a game with myself:  I select a painting  I’d like to bring home and imagine where in my house to display my “souvenir.” Of … Continue reading

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Film Files: “Sunshine” 1999

Nothing like Netflix. I just joined; I‘ll be catching up on films I missed and will do lots of knitting in the process. I watched “Sunshine,” a 1999 film about three generations of a Hungarian Jewish family from the beginning … Continue reading

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What would Anne Frank do?

While the rest of the world is focusing on politicos misbehaving, the economy, Japan’s nuclear fallout, the Arab spring to summer, and numerous natural disasters portending the end of the earth, in Amsterdam, a bunch of people are embroiled in … Continue reading

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