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Judy’s Wellness Cafe: My Granola

My post on Judy’s blog: http://judyswellnesscafe.com/?p=5841

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Rethinking Halloween

It’s time to rethink Halloween. By now parents have raided their kids’ Halloween bags and squirreled away the goodies they like. Children have bartered their candy, swapping less desirable treats for more favorable brands between their siblings and friends. As … Continue reading

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Baby Carrots? Not for Me!

Ever wonder about baby carrots? Big carrots don’t give birth to them. Nor do they grow that way. They owe their existence to a manufacturing midwife, and account for nearly 70% of US carrot sales. Many believe they’re perfect for … Continue reading

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Announcing: A Glub Glub & A Shake Shake: A Cookbook

I was seated on a flight from New Jersey to San Francisco and overhead the attendant asking customers in business class if they wanted blintzes for breakfast. I thought of my mother’s—hand made, light batter, carefully mixed cheeses, lightly fried, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Tour de Farm Ride

Last minute we decided to participate in the New Jersey Tour de Farm ride. Scheduled three times in August and September, the routes are designed around farms. Local farms serve as the rest stops and provide tastings of their wares, … Continue reading

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Grandparent Diary: Bumpy Knives!

Gadgets galore! Enter any kitchenware store and utensils ranging from apple corers and avocado peelers to citrus zesters and zingers and every letter in-between bombard you. There’s a slicer, dicer, shaper, picker, or grinder for every fruit, vegetable, meat, or … Continue reading

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Goodbye Green Super Sludge

I tried one of the superfood sludge mixes promising great health and greater happiness. Here’s my experience: Goodbye Green  Super Sludge (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) Try it, buy it they say You’ll like it, drink it every day! I … Continue reading

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New Health Studies: Coffee & Nuts = Long Life

Recent health studies indicate that drinking coffee helps small blood vessels work better and eating more nuts ensures a longer life. The coffee one, conducted by a Japanese cardiologist, had non-coffee drinkers imbibe 5 ounces of  caffeinated coffee –  (a Starbucks … Continue reading

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Chocolate! How Far will you Go?

I had to replenish our chocolate supply. Down to just a few chocolate covered almonds and espresso beans, it was time to restock. We’d converted to dark chocolate ages ago, given reports that it—like drinking red wine— promotes good heart … Continue reading

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It’s National Grilled Cheese Month!

What’s for lunch? April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Surely founded by the dairy industry, though no history emerged; it celebrates the simple act of placing a piece of cheese on something and sliding it under the broiler for a … Continue reading

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