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Children’s Book Briefs

I visited my mentor, Dr. M. Jerry Weiss this week. At 90, he’s as sharp as ever and we discuss everything from family to politics and of course, children’s literature. He gave me a batch of books when I left. … Continue reading

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Hiking Havasupai

We might never have heard of the Havasupai Falls  had it not been for our guide from last spring’s hiking and biking trip in Utah,  who raved about this majestic place. The falls are part of the Grand Canyon, but … Continue reading

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Utah: Skiing , Snowshoeing & Polygamy Brew

Every fall my husband starts getting snow reports from our favorite ski resort in Utah and starts asking if we’re going or not. I hem and haw. As I’ve written before,  I have a love/hate relationship with the sport and each year … Continue reading

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Ban Football: Turn Stadiums into Velodromes

The news that high school football player Evan Murray died shortly after taking a hit during a Friday night game shocked the state and has drawn attention nationwide. The autopsy on the 17- year -old star quarterback revealed he died … Continue reading

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Balancing Bad News and A Good Day

The day after a family Hanukkah party Dec. 21, we had plans to take two of the grands to a puppet show  based on Eric Carle’s picture book, The Hungry Caterpillar and other stories. We needed to allow time to … Continue reading

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The Bites of Summer

It’s summer. Bees bite. Spiders bite. Mosquitoes bite. Snakes bite. Sometimes dogs bite. It’s instinctual; they’re seeking prey or defending themselves from perceived danger. And a soccer player bites when a match isn’t going his way. In yoga today, a … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Ode …to my Snow Shovel

Ever reliable, waiting to be grabbed The perfect size Never causing arms or back to ache You stood among the others Not as wide, not as heavy, not as tall Inconspicuous, modest, humble Your  strip of metal, secured by screws … Continue reading

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