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Social Distancing Diary #2: Teatime

My husband is reading Erik Larson’s book, The Splendid and the Vile,about Winston Churchill and London during the Blitz. Often, when we’re reading something that engages or amuses us, we read passages to each other. Such was the case with … Continue reading

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My Election Reflection

I’ve been writing in my head and having trouble finding the words to say, to console, to offer hope instead of fear. I could blame the election results on so many factors, but I’ll leave that to the political analysts. … Continue reading

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50 Things We’re Grateful For: Bloggers Unite!

My friend Dawn Quyle Landau  invited me to join in this “blog party,” where we write what we’re grateful for. The rules required we set a timer for 10 minutes and then write, and were allowed a little time for … Continue reading

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Why are we Creatures of Habit?

For some time now my parents have kept only three chairs at their large, round, kitchen table. They’ve moved the other three into the dining room. They needed more space to walk around without falling after various surgeries, and have … Continue reading

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The Bites of Summer

It’s summer. Bees bite. Spiders bite. Mosquitoes bite. Snakes bite. Sometimes dogs bite. It’s instinctual; they’re seeking prey or defending themselves from perceived danger. And a soccer player bites when a match isn’t going his way. In yoga today, a … Continue reading

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Mental Health Begins in Nursery School

When my son arrived home, he asked his two toddlers if they’d had  “a terrible, horrible, disgusting day that they didn’t want to talk about.” Through giggles, they answered they’d had each had a good day, and happily shared what … Continue reading

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Knitting Away the Stress: Not for Women Only

I’ve joined a small group, about six women, who get together to knit, usually on Monday afternoons. Early in the morning, someone will dash off an email offering to host and the others chime in who can come, who can’t. … Continue reading

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Commentary: Boston Marathon

Pity the poor pressure cooker.   Long used to fast boil corned beef, soften lentils or steam rice, it’s reputation is now maligned as an appliance easily adapted into a homemade bomb. This isn’t the chemistry sets of old when … Continue reading

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“Breathing out the Upsetness”

While visiting our son Jacob this week, his 16-month-old daughter, overtired as we walked around a local park, started to fidget and cry in her stroller. Jacob picked her up and asked her if she wanted to “breathe out the … Continue reading

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New Learning: Conquering My Fears

There’s nothing like watching the grandkids as they develop and learn new skills. My granddaughter took her first steps the other day; she was so delighted with herself. The eldest grandson, nearly 3, is learning to play chess, guitar, and … Continue reading

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