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Bobby Rush & His Hoodie: Do Clothes Make the Man?

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Mark Twain said. Indeed clothes have been in the news lately, particularly hoodies, or sweatshirts with hoods.  Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was fatally shot … Continue reading

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Facebook “Likes”- Sincere or not?

“If you ‘like’ something, does that mean you care about it?” David Carr wrote in today’s New York Times. It got me thinking about Facebook and all the “likes.” I liberally sprinkle “likes” on a variety of posts.  Animals, my … Continue reading

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Book Interrupted: A Print on Demand Benefit

Please excuse the program interruption.    On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America is undergoing a few editing changes. Print on-demand publishing allows one to edit and revise, creating a new edition. The new book … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Madeline!

Today is my sister Madeline’s birthday. A few weeks ago she wrote on her friend Wendy’s Facebook wall: “Happy Birthday! ..  I can’t believe how OLD you are!!! Wendy and Madeline were best friends throughout middle and high school. The … Continue reading

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The Good Apple Award: Receiving & Bestowing

I’m very picky about apples. I like them hard and crunchy, not sweet but not lemon sour. I can easily eat three or four a day when they’re in season, which in NJ is usually fall through winter. So when … Continue reading

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Book Briefs: Bohjalian & Englander, Sentences & Censorship, Basketball & Birds

 I recently read four books by Chris Bohjalian, having never read any before. I began with Skeletons at the Feast, recommended by some blog I stumbled upon. Set in Germany as World War II draws to a close, the novel follows a Prussian … Continue reading

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From Interviews to Book: My Self-Publishing Journey

I wasn’t planning to write a book.   I’d just begun working as a literacy consultant in Newark, NJ, demonstrating lessons for teachers and conducting staff development workshops. When I met Miles Dean, who had completed his cross- country horseback journey the … Continue reading

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Announcing: Website & New Blog!

When I named my blog, “cyclingrandma,” I received mixed reactions. Most of my family liked it, except my daughter.  Some friends had a hard time accepting the grandma part.  I felt it said a lot about who I am: a … Continue reading

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Special promotion ends today, 11:59 pm, PST. JOIN OVER 600 EREADERS! FREE TO DOWNLOAD! MUCH THANKS AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. SOME EXCERPTS FROM REVIEWS: “This book speaks to history lovers and those who are just looking to be inspired in … Continue reading

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I had my first radio interview yesterday.  I think I sound a bit out of breathe and talking too fast.  wonder if the host thought I was talking too much. But better that than a lack of things to say! … Continue reading

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