Happy Birthday Madeline!

Today is my sister Madeline’s birthday.

A few weeks ago she wrote on her friend Wendy’s Facebook wall: “Happy Birthday! ..  I can’t believe how OLD you are!!!

Wendy and Madeline were best friends throughout middle and high school. The spare bed in my sister’s room is still called “Wendy’s bed.” When they were younger, they were obsessed with dollhouse miniatures and made an entire house with all the accessories themselves.  I remember seeing them in high school- with another friend they were the infamous “strippers” in Gypsy. I remember my sister Naomi and I laughing so hard.. well you know the end of that line.  I remember coming home from school one day – and together we ate an entire half gallon of Rocky Road ice cream! We still talk about it.

Anyway, I can’t believe Madeline and Wendy are this old! They’re 8 years younger than me!

Madeline teaches ESL in Maryland and is an artist.  I visited her school for her Art Rocks the School event. As my birthday tribute to her I’d like to share some of the art projects she’s made for me over the years.

She’s made pins from paper 

and bottle caps. 

She’s made me a tote bag from upholstery fabric:

But her best present was this book, made from a bra, 6 years ago.

It’s a collager’s dream. Magazine photos, quotes, sequins, beads, craft materials galore.

And a favorite page:  the  Seven Dwarves of Menopause: Sweaty, Ditsy, Itchy, Bitchy, Forgetful, Bloated and Psycho. 

It sits on my study shelf, above my computer. I take it down now and then to read it and marvel at the creativity and time that went into making it.

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14 Responses to Happy Birthday Madeline!

  1. SMB says:

    Such amazing talent! What thoughtful gifts! I particularly liked The Seven Dwarves!


  2. Wendy Lapham says:

    Lisa– love this! I, too, have a Madeline art collection. She just gave me a cool piece for my birthday this past weekend, and the joke about me being older than she is is as old as our friendship–which is pretty old (try 37 years)!!! Thanks for some great memories.


  3. Happy Birthday Madeline. I love the gift collage. I’ve known Lisa for a few years. You are very talented. Your students have a treat. I still remember my art projects. My mother still has a few in the basement of my home back in Birmingham.


  4. marci Barr Abbot says:

    What a fun sister! Happy Birthday Madeline! While I don’t know you ( a bit through Lisa’s eyes), you sound like a great person to have as a friend. I love your creations, especially the “uplifting” bra collage. Perhaps what speaks to me the most is the” Seven dwarves of Menopause”. Thanks for posting this LIsa and brigning hearty laughs! Happy B-day to Madeline! MBA


  5. Barbara klein says:

    Why have you hidden these treasures from me? Love Mom


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  9. franhunne4u says:

    Loved the Seven Dwarves of Menopause! Well – the idea. Will not love them, when I come to live with them.


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