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Hiking Yosemite

Walking among California’s sequoias sort of feels like being in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Your neck starts to hurt looking up at what’s considered the earth’s largest trees. They’re found in groves in and around Yosemite National … Continue reading

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Pantone Green & A Giveaway

It’s that time of year again. Yes, holidays of course. But I’m referring to Pantone, the color mavens who select a particular hue for the world to embrace, sending the fashion world into a frenzy to create items in the new … Continue reading

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Utah: Skiing , Snowshoeing & Polygamy Brew

Every fall my husband starts getting snow reports from our favorite ski resort in Utah and starts asking if we’re going or not. I hem and haw. As I’ve written before,  I have a love/hate relationship with the sport and each year … Continue reading

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NY Botanical Gardens’ Holiday Train Show

I was ambivalent about attending the New York Botanical Gardens’ Holiday Train Show.  I figured it would be yet another way that the holiday season has become commercialized and though I admire model trains, they don’t captivate me too much. Call … Continue reading

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California Cycling

We spent five days cycling through Napa and Sonoma counties, taking in the vast panoramas of California, from hot desert climbs to cool coastal descents.

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Earth Day: A New Cousin & A Warning

Earth has a new cousin! Last week’s announcement of the discovery of life on planet Kepler-186f  has scientists jumping for joy. This planet, a mere 500 light years (2.9 quadrillion miles) away is in the constellation Cygnus. It’s an exoplanet, … Continue reading

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Summer Invasions: Cicadas & Geese

My grandson got out the car and covered his ears with his hands. “What’s that noise?” he asked. Then he answered, “I think it’s a monster waking up.” We’ve been reading the myth about Papagayo, the noisy parrot whose raucous … Continue reading

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