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Naming: Sisters, Pets, Daughters, & Storms

“If the baby’s a girl, can we name her Madeline?” My  sister Naomi, then five,  asked my parents, who were expecting their fourth child. We both loved Ludwig Bemelmans’ 1939 Madeline.   And when my mother gave birth March 22, … Continue reading

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Charity Solicitations: Zap My Zen!

I’m at the checkout at the grocery store. I brought my own bags, and did my own bagging. I’m about to swipe my credit card to pay when the cashier asks if I want to donate a $1 to help … Continue reading

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Finished Projects: Uri’s Sweater & Marina’s Scarf

I finished the color block sweater for the second grandson, Uri, nearly 18 months. It sort of matches what I made for the eldest grandson, Simon.   Hopefully we’ll get photos of them modeling their hand-knits together soon. I had … Continue reading

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Fur Coats & Pearls= Future Jobs?

One of my fall rituals is picking up my fur coat, inherited from my Grandma Mae, from storage. I wouldn’t have bought my own fur coat but happily wear hers. There’s nothing like it on a freezing day and I … Continue reading

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Healthy Candy? UNREAL!

It doesn’t take long after I’ve entered the door of my childhood home in Connecticut before I gravitate to the long cabinet near the dining area of the kitchen. Out of habit, I inspect what there is to eat. It’s … Continue reading

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A Few Fall Books: Kolpan, Trigiani, & Ephron

Magic Words: The Tale of a Jewish Boy-Interpreter, the World’s Most Estimable Magician, a Murderous Harlot, and America’s Greatest Indian Chief by Gerald Kolpan How can you not read a book with that title? Browsing the new fiction shelves of … Continue reading

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Cycling & Doping: Caffeine & Advil

Even sports avoiders like me can’t overlook front-page news stories exposing athletes as they fall from grace due to doping. It’s time for true confessions. I’m a cyclist and I’m chemically dependent. Preparing for a ride requires a significant amount … Continue reading

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