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Spring Break Finished Projects: Shawlettes

Shawlette—a small shawl. I hadn’t heard the term until Nancy Polster, Kenyon Tennis parent mom and expert knitter enlightened me. I was searching for a quick project for my sister’s birthday. I found this pattern, called Storm Cloud Shawlette   and … Continue reading

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Help Send Lesley Carter ‘Round the World!

Nothing will stop adventure seeker and blogger Lesley Carter.  I’m not sure how we first connected in the blogosphere but I have been an avid armchair traveling companion ever since.  Now she’s entered in a contest and has asked her … Continue reading

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Book Talk in Killingworth, CT

Book Talk at Killingworth, CT Library, 3/19/13 Special guest appearances by Tangerine Tango contributors Gabi Coatsworth and Madeline TaylorProud parents.

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Sports Injuries: Who Decides Who Plays?

“You’re supposed to hurt in wrestling.” I remember those words my son quoted the coach telling him when Jacob complained that his wrist ached.  The high school trainer had told him to put ice on it.  And he did. And … Continue reading

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Security Blankets & Comfort Toys: Not only for Babies

Any parent from the dawn of humankind could probably tell stories about how their  children formed attachments to certain objects— blankets and stuffed animals particularly.  Called comfort toys and security blankets, these beloved items help child feel better after a … Continue reading

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NYC Soda Sizing Sizzles

Size matters. Yup, in most things, though not the one that saying usually refers to. It matters if you’re too short for the rides at Six Flags, or too tall to play in IKEA’s ball pit.   Or if you used … Continue reading

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New Uses for Old Filing Cabinets: Libraries Changing with the Times

The libraries, they are a changing. Most public libraries are offering much more than reading material these days.  While music and movies have been attractions for decades, libraries are adding more and more items patrons can borrow to their stores … Continue reading

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Protecting Journalists: Can it Happen Here?

Each morning, I go out to the edge of my driveway and collect the newspapers, which I read while eating breakfast and drinking coffee.  We’re news junkies; we get a lot of papers and magazines. From the comfort of my … Continue reading

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Cleaning My Old Desk Drawer: A Slide Rule, Kilt Pin & Peace Now

Remember these? This was my first record player.  Perhaps I’ll try to find a needle for it and play some of my old records. I cleaned a couple cupboards and my childhood desk drawer when visiting my parents. No, the … Continue reading

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