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Hurricane Handicrafts: Finished Projects 2

Waiting around for a hurricane to hit can be exasperating. Do I bake a cake, knowing the power might go off any second? How many flashlights and candles are enough? How much outdoor furniture should be stored away? How many … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared December 7, 1941,  the day Pearl Harbor was bombed,  a “date which will live in infamy.”   For people of that generation- my parents were teenagers- that date sticks like glue in their minds. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Beach Reading: “The Hare with Amber Eyes”

In the past two days, I traveled to Tokyo, Paris, London, Vienna, and Odessa, mostly sitting in a beach chair. Not really a sun goddess, I usually spend most my time in the water or walking up and down the … Continue reading

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Screaming Ice Creams: Dirty Diaper, Garlic & Blue Cheese

Dirty diaper.  Unless you’re a new parent or a pediatrician, no more description needed. Unless it’s an ice cream flavor. It’s chocolate with chocolate chunks. Like sunscreen and bug repellent, watermelon and iced tea, ice cream screams summer.  The stands … Continue reading

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No Help Needed: A Mother’s Chagrin

Piles are growing in the basement. Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s* magic broom and mop, splitting and multiplying nonstop, items seem to appear that weren’t there minutes ago.  A scene, I imagine, similar to dens, living rooms, front halls, basements, and garages … Continue reading

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From Training Wheels to Cleats: My Cycling Evolution

The driver of the small school bus ferrying young campers rolled down her window and yelled, “you’re not supposed to be on the road.” I was biking with my friend Randy one weekday morning through a suburban community in New … Continue reading

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Letter to Michelle Obama: Let Your Hair Go!

(12/11/63) Remember Frieda? She was the character in Peanuts best known for her naturally curly hair.  She delighted in reminding others about it every chance she could. Which brings me to hair again.  At lunch with a college friend we … Continue reading

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William Sleator: A Tribute to an Oddball

Cloning, genetic engineering, black holes, dystopia. The fodder of science fiction and a few of the many themes writer William Sleator addressed in his 30 novels for adolescents. Sleator, who died August 3 in Thailand, took topics from science and … Continue reading

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Post Office Blues

There’s a lot of talk about post offices closing, consolidating, and cutting hours. There’s talk about eliminating Saturday delivery.  The US Postal Service is nearly broke. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising.  How many of us write letters anymore? Yet, … Continue reading

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