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Behind the Scenes: Auditions & Acting

Getting off the elevator and entering the rehearsal studio, a maze of small, pastel-painted,  mirrored rooms, complete with ballet barres,  and  seeing the young actors primping and pacing, perusing scripts and listening to music on their iPods, I was happy … Continue reading

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Beware the Bryozoans!

Our neighbor David  paddled over in his kayak, a red plastic bucket straddled between his knees. Inside, he’d scooped up an alien gelatinous glob that had attached to his dock. We weren’t surprised, having already seen colonies of these brain-like … Continue reading

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Inspiring Blog Award!

 Thanks to Lisa Taylor of the Writer’s Block Party for giving me the Inspiring Blog Award.  I’m  part of a batch of 15 bloggers she honored.  I love what she said about my blog:  “Okay, besides the fact that this … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves: Doctor Waiting Rooms & Unisex Bathrooms

Maybe it’s the heat wave that brings out the complaints.  I don’t rant too often; here are a few of my favorite pet peeves: Doctor Waiting Rooms I got off the elevator and saw two posters: Waiting Room A, Waiting … Continue reading

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The Power of Words: Sendak, Bradbury & Churchill

My supervisor entered my room and stood by the classroom door. I was teaching a class;  her interruption of my lesson  took precedence over anything else. I asked my 8th graders to read their books or complete some exercise while … Continue reading

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French Kids Eat That?

In our week cycling in France, we stayed and ate at lovely inns. My high school French came in handy, especially when it came to reading menus. The meal always began with a surprise nibble called “amuse-bouche” and proceeded to an … Continue reading

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Dordogne Cycling: Chateaus, Cows & Chocolate Shoes

Cycling the Dordogne area of France, in the interior of the southwest region, offered wonderful, hilly cycling for a five-day 30th anniversary celebration. The self-guided tour, arranged by Discover France, began in Bergerac, weaved along the Dordogne and Vezere Rivers,  taking … Continue reading

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My New Vegan Clogs: Perfect Traveling Shoes

“You actually bought those striped Danskos? Were you on drugs or something?” I could hear the disapproval through the headset. My phone calls with my sister Madeline aren’t usually contentious.  As teachers, we share tidbits about education; as sisters we talk … Continue reading

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Monet at the NY Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden created its own rendition of Claude Monet’s garden at his residence in Giverny, France. I’ve never been to Giverny; so I loved visiting the New York City version.  Quotes from Monet are interspersed among the colorful displays … Continue reading

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Finished Project: A Jumper for Meira

My granddaughter will look lovely in this lilac jumper I just finished. The pattern is “Wildflower DK” by Plymouth and I used Sublime baby cashmere marino silk dk yarn. I know a bit extravagant for a baby but I loved its … Continue reading

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