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Banned Book Week’s 30th Birthday

It’s the season pumpkins and apples, Octoberfests and harvests,  bonfires and hayrides.  And it’s Banned Book Week. What’s more, it’s the  American Library Association’s 30th Anniversary of celebrating not so much the freedom to read as the  perils of censorship. There’s … Continue reading


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Liebster & Lovely Blog Awards! Thanks!

Two blog friends have given me awards recently so I need to fulfill the requirements of each and pass the awards on to other bloggers. Thanks to Roger C. Colby, a teacher and novelist, who presented me with the Liebster … Continue reading

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Oliver Twist & Topdog/Underdog: Fables for Today?

Though I like to be entertained when I watch a movie or see a play, I don’t require that everything I watch ends happily or promises rosy futures. This weekend I swallowed a double dose of dark drama that reminded … Continue reading

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Grandma Diary: Pumpkins & Apples

On the way to the pick-your-own farm, we saw two police cars. I’d picked Simon up from daycare to go pumpkin and apple picking. “Who made the light flash?” Toddlers would make great reporters. Every question is a why, what, … Continue reading

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“Liberal Arts” The Movie; Liberal Arts in Life

“What do you do with a degree in religious studies?” my dinner companion asked, referring to his son, a Kenyon College senior and friend of my daughter’s, an American Studies major. “Get a job, we hope,” I said. We were … Continue reading

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My Fashion Dilemma: A Full Closet, Yet Nothing to Wear!

It’s Fashion Week in New York City. Newspapers and television are sharing bits of the runway; outfits on tall, thin models that I always wonder who buys. My closet is full yet I have nothing to wear. Not literally of … Continue reading

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Cycling Civil War Sites

The line to enter the designated parking area snaked around the corner, down the street.  Waiting would have put us about 30 minutes behind so we parked nearby in a restaurant lot, already inhabited by cars with bike racks. My … Continue reading

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Are Robots Eating Our Jobs? Interview with David Brancaccio

You wouldn’t think that someone who has traveled around the world, talking to people, gathering stories, would volunteer to drive his first car trip across the United States, determined to not say a word. Or handle money. Or engage in … Continue reading

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Grandma Diary: Sand & Water, Mulch & Mowing, Yoga & French Toast!

  Sunday is National Grandparents Day, a holiday created in the US in 1978. It’s also National Yoga Month.  We celebrated both last weekend. We convinced our eldest son and his wife to not try to toilet train our nearly three- … Continue reading

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War on Women: Can it get any Scarier?

Before Missouri Republican Senatorial candidate Todd Akin made his oxymoronic  comment  “legitimate rape,” the talk of the table, when our daughter and her friends gathered,  was Anne Marie Slaughter’s  Atlantic article,  about whether women can have it all. My daughter, … Continue reading

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