My First Radio Interview & A Kindle Free Book

I had my first radio interview yesterday.  I think I sound a bit out of breathe and talking too fast.  wonder if the host thought I was talking too much. But better that than a lack of things to say!  I followed the advice given by pr professionals: quiet room, turned off call waiting, glass of water nearby. In reality, I found I needed to move around, walking around the house, almost pacing.  

Here’s the interview:

If you have a Kindle or an Ipad you can get my book for free until March 10th.

Please spread the word! It’s all about generating numbers on Amazon. Much thanks!

And soon… this blog will become part of the website. I’m clinging onto cyclingrandma for a while more but hope everyone will follow me on the new website/blog.  Will keep you posted.

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3 Responses to My First Radio Interview & A Kindle Free Book

  1. I listened to the interview. The host was so insightful. I liked the questions he asked you. I heard your enthusiasm and determination to get your story out. The things I learned was tell it quick and fast. I could follow you and was caught up in your story. I had heard it before but it is still so amazing. It was wonderful. I heard your energy. Very inspiring. Congratulations. As my friends would say “You go, girl.”


  2. Leah says:

    I will listen to the interview. I’m so excited for you and your new book!


  3. jakesprinter says:

    Beautiful post my friend 🙂


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