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Friday Pick 99

Friday Pick 99.   Thanks, Diana, you made her day.

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Earth Day: A New Cousin & A Warning

Earth has a new cousin! Last week’s announcement of the discovery of life on planet Kepler-186f  has scientists jumping for joy. This planet, a mere 500 light years (2.9 quadrillion miles) away is in the constellation Cygnus. It’s an exoplanet, … Continue reading

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Parent Diary: Worry & Pride

An airplane vanishes. A ferryboat capsizes. Families wait, worrying, unwilling to accept the inevitable. I imagine the anguish these families are experiencing and wish I could offer some solace. I share their worry. I watch my son grate horseradish by … Continue reading

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Mental Health Begins in Nursery School

When my son arrived home, he asked his two toddlers if they’d had  “a terrible, horrible, disgusting day that they didn’t want to talk about.” Through giggles, they answered they’d had each had a good day, and happily shared what … Continue reading

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Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

It’s my parents’ 60th anniversary today. I asked my mother what’s the secret to a long marriage. “A  good imagination and a bad memory.” We’re gathering Sunday at their home of 50 years, that is now on the market.

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Fashion Passion: Scarves!

“I had 57 scarves, I got rid of 10,” My sister Madeline admitted, when we discussed the need to purge items from our wardrobes we weren’t wearing. While I haven’t counted, and don’t think I have nearly that many, I … Continue reading

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