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CVS Goes Big: Receipts, Stores & Anti-Smoking

Often bigger isn’t necessarily better. Take CVS.  Even Jimmy Kimmel on his ABC late night show complained to President Barak Obama about the length of the drugstore’s receipts. In Katonah, New York, a bedroom suburb 45 miles north of New … Continue reading

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Hugs: No Longer Free

In the country where there’s a market for anything, hugs can now be bought. Not prostitution—that’s been around forever— but cuddles by a professional, at an hourly rate.  The NJ Star Ledger  wrote about how the industry has taken off in … Continue reading

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New Health Studies: Coffee & Nuts = Long Life

Recent health studies indicate that drinking coffee helps small blood vessels work better and eating more nuts ensures a longer life. The coffee one, conducted by a Japanese cardiologist, had non-coffee drinkers imbibe 5 ounces of  caffeinated coffee –  (a Starbucks … Continue reading

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Overstating the Obvious: Naps, Bedtimes & Chekhov

I accompanied my son Jacob to pick up his two kids from preschool the other day. On the walk home, we asked them what they did in school. Meira, 2, offered that she napped. That seemed the highlight or at … Continue reading

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Gravity: Clooney/Bullock Film Thrills, Dosen’t Inspire

Does it take a movie to make us care about space? Gravity, stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as NASA astronauts who become untethered from their damaged space shuttle.  Clooney provides levity in a situation that seems doomed.  The views … Continue reading

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Knitting Away the Stress: Not for Women Only

I’ve joined a small group, about six women, who get together to knit, usually on Monday afternoons. Early in the morning, someone will dash off an email offering to host and the others chime in who can come, who can’t. … Continue reading

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Dazzling Blue & Tangerine Tango

It’s that time when the  folks at Pantone decide what the new hit color will be for the following year, sending designers to their drawing boards, retailers to restock  shelves and consumers to toss anything not in the new hue. … Continue reading

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