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Libraries & Lemonade: Keeping Kids Busy in the Summer

When I was about 8 or 9, I wrote, directed, and starred in a play, “The Purple Scarf.”  I cast a bunch of kids from the street and the play- plot long forgotten- was performed twice, to a sell-out crowd … Continue reading

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Women’s Health: My Guest Post on “Friend for the Ride”

Barbara Younger, whose blog, focuses on menopause and other women’s health issues invited me to submit a guest post about my experiences with  urinary incontinence. This might be too much information for many readers but it’s an important health topic often … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Recent Graduates with Tools!

A few days ago the front storm door of my house wouldn’t open. The knob turned but the latch remained stuck.  I retrieved a screwdriver and removed the screws around the knob on both sides of the door;  the latch … Continue reading

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Grounds for Sculpture: A New Jersey Treasure

The sculptures start appearing well before the main gate, dotting abandoned lots, sprouting from sidewalks, accompanying signs. Grounds for Sculpture  offers about 250 works of art—in media hardy enough to withstand the elements – set on more than 40 acres of … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Presents: Versatile Blogger Award & and an iPod nano!

What a nice Mother’s Day gift: I’ve been nominated to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from adollyciousirony, who blogs at I think the term aptly describes my blog–  I never know what I’m going to write about! And speaking of Mother’s … Continue reading

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Author School Visit: Answering Children’s Questions

Nothing like a group of kids to teach you some stuff. My sister Madeline teaches at a small elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had gone to watch her third graders perform a play. An ESOL teacher, she had … Continue reading

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Fighting Bullies, Welcoming the Araboolies!

You wouldn’t have heard of Boolanoola unless you’ve read The Araboolies of Liberty Street. This is the rambunctious ball game that caused General Pinch, the mean bully and dictator of Liberty Street to call in the army. The story, a … Continue reading

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Black Jockeys & The Kentucky Derby: A Book Excerpt

Tomorrow is the 138th Kentucky Derby, dubbed the “Fastest Two minutes in Sports.”   Horse racing faces new challenges: the drugging of horses, the loss of interest in the sport as betting becomes more widespread and fans turn towards football and basketball, … Continue reading

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Amar’e: Anger or Accident?

As a child, when I fought with my sister two years younger than me, my father told me to “count to ten.” And if that didn’t work, he’d say,  “count to 20.” I had hoped that Amar’e Stoudemire’s encounter with … Continue reading

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Botched Hair Dying: Kool-Aid, Boxes, & Corrections

The timer buzzed. Twenty minutes had passed. I pulled the clip holding my semi-wet, just-dyed hair and stared in the mirror. Instead of the strawberry blonde streaks that usually resulted, whopper –sized blotches, like puddles of ketchup adorned my scalp. … Continue reading

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