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Adult Coloring Books: Color Your Dreams

It’s hard to avoid the adult coloring book craze. They’re prominently displayed by the checkout counters of every grocery, drug and big box store I enter, though I haven’t personally seen anyone buy any as usually they’re too busy looking … Continue reading

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Remembering the Children

Anticipating a few days at our lake house with one son and his family, I’ll spend a good part of today scurrying around collecting items we need, shopping and cooking. I’m envisioning our activities together and smile. I’m thinking also … Continue reading

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Grandma Diary: Violin Practice…or Not?

“Do you want to show me what you did with Miss Cheryl (the violin teacher) this week? I asked my grandson, who’s been taking Suzuki violin for about a year. His violin is miniature.  He rests his chin on a … Continue reading

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Ninja Turtles, Hoola-Hoop Bags: What’s the Next Big Thing?

They’re back! Those four nunchuck- wielding, anthropomorphic reptiles named after Renaissance artists. Yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning, determined to lure a new generation of (mostly) boys into their three -fingered grasps.  First introduced in the late ‘80’s … Continue reading

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Grandma Diary: Sand & Water, Mulch & Mowing, Yoga & French Toast!

  Sunday is National Grandparents Day, a holiday created in the US in 1978. It’s also National Yoga Month.  We celebrated both last weekend. We convinced our eldest son and his wife to not try to toilet train our nearly three- … Continue reading

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Author School Visit: Answering Children’s Questions

Nothing like a group of kids to teach you some stuff. My sister Madeline teaches at a small elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had gone to watch her third graders perform a play. An ESOL teacher, she had … Continue reading

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No Help Needed: A Mother’s Chagrin

Piles are growing in the basement. Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s* magic broom and mop, splitting and multiplying nonstop, items seem to appear that weren’t there minutes ago.  A scene, I imagine, similar to dens, living rooms, front halls, basements, and garages … Continue reading

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