Ninja Turtles, Hoola-Hoop Bags: What’s the Next Big Thing?

They’re back! Those four nunchuck- wielding, anthropomorphic reptiles named after Renaissance artists. Yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning, determined to lure a new generation of (mostly) boys into their three -fingered grasps. 

First introduced in the late ‘80’s and popular via comic books, video games, cartoons, and plastic action figures, these crime-fighting turtles remained popular through the 1990’s. Nickelodeon is reviving the television series and for sure, merchandising is quick to follow. A brief online search revealed the presence of TMNT costumes, outfits and figures already in major stores.  

Our boys loved that Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo did martial arts, ate tons of pizza, lived in sewers, wore colored bandit-type masks over their eyes, and beat-up bad guys.

Nathan, 5, at a TMNT party, with Raphael

It’s the martial arts that got me. I remember how Jacob and Nathan, around 5 and 7  years old, fashioned their own nunchucks from sticks and rubber bands, donned colored bandanas around their foreheads, and created their own ninja adventures in the yard and house. We were a “no-gun” household; yet boys find a way to create a weapon from any available material. They’d imitate the Turtles, charging around, swinging their homemade nunchucks, yelling, and “cowabunga,” one of the Turtles’ famous sayings.

Their love affair was fairly short-lived, soon replaced by other obsessions: Lego, Magic Cards, then Warhammer.

I always remembered how I wished I’d invented the toy that seemed to grab the attention of children, causing parents to purchase everything from pajamas to toothbrushes adorned with the toy’s image.

But I never did.

Then there’s fashion.  I can’t say I’m on the cutting edge with clothing and accessories, but do enjoy looking at a magazine or read the style sections of newspapers now and then. When I saw this creation, Chanel’s Hula-Hoop Bag, being shown during Paris Fashion Week, I wondered who thought of it.   How clever! Exercise and a handbag  all in one!  

Now here’s an invention with lasting power. No need for video games, cartoons, or t-shirts. Hula-hoops date to ancient Greece, made then of willow, rattan and other stiff grasses, they gained popularity in the 1950’s when they were introduced in colorful plastic as children’s toys.  They’re used as party games and by dancers, and in exercise classes. But pocketbooks?

I can’t imagine getting in and out of a car, on and off buses or subways, let alone an airplane. It won’t fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.  I’m not sure of its  commercial appeal – certainly not geared towards kids- and it’s as yet unpriced.

Who knows? Maybe it’s the next big thing?

I like the idea of taking something old and making something new.

I wish I’d thought of it.

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15 Responses to Ninja Turtles, Hoola-Hoop Bags: What’s the Next Big Thing?

  1. Barbara Klein says:

    When I saw Nathan’s picture I thought of Shimon. Couldn’ miss those curley headed blonde children.


  2. Brought back such memories! I made a Halloween ninja turtle outfit that Dave wore to an opening movie with his big sister – who was mortified. That is, until the older girls in line thought he was “sooo cute!”


  3. Huffygirl says:

    My youngest son liked the TMNT too. As far as the hula-hoop handbag, it would be a TSA nightmare on a trip. Looks like maybe that one comes apart though.

    I actually find what some people consider fashion to be highly amusing. It seems that if they put a haughty looking model in it, we’re supposed to fall for it, but a lot of high fashion is just ridiculous.


    • Agree! Thought this was ridiculous and ugly too! I hope that came across. Not as good on the sarcasm as you are in writing!


      • Huffygirl says:

        I find the sarcasm flows better if I’m in the right mood. If I’m in a cheery or benevolent mood, it’s harder. I start to think “I don’t want to hurt their feelings by being sarcastic about the hideous purse…” Definitely a hamper to good sarcasm.


  4. The Ninja Turtles made my Halloween costume buying very easy.John had all the toys. I made the mistake of taking him for karate lessons. He ran out and never went back. Of course Batman was big too. We had a very good replica of the Bat mobile. My step daughter had a Hula hoop. Thanks for the chance to get distracted by pleasant memories.


  5. Northern Narratives says:

    I hope she has some food in that purse. She looks so skinny. Well, I guess that’s a story for another day 🙂


  6. valleygirl96 says:

    I have a Focus. Pretty sure I would have to strap that purse to the roof if I planned to go anywhere. Who thinks up these things?


  7. Great post! I especially loved the picture of Nathan – i remember that yummy little boy!
    When you sent me the clipping of the pocket book my first thougt – was of security and airplanes! Oy!


  8. Both of my boys love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It amazes me how many things are “re-invented” like The Smurfs, TMNT and even Pokemon. Haven’t they caught all of them already?! Great post! 🙂


  9. Great post, Lisa! Love that hula-hoop handbag!!!!! 🙂 Clutter hounds, rejoice…just save EVERYTHING! It will always come back. 🙂
    Lisa, perhaps you emailed me your address and I missed it…I need it to mail the copy of Show Me How to you…


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