Announcing: Website & New Blog!

When I named my blog, “cyclingrandma,” I received mixed reactions. Most of my family liked it, except my daughter.  Some friends had a hard time accepting the grandma part.  I felt it said a lot about who I am: a cyclist and a grandmother. My followers ( 111 to date)  know that I also read, write, cook, knit, do yoga, travel, and sometimes opine about national subjects  like women’s rights, justice, and current events.

With the publication of On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America, I was encouraged to establish a website that would serve as a “one stop” shopping to find out about me, the book, and other work I’ve done and can do. The website would include a blog and while I could maintain two blogs, I know realistically that I wouldn’t.

Here’s my website:

All former posts from cyclingrandma have been transferred.  Not much will change.

I hope to still post about twice a week, about subjects from  cycling to yoga, art to theater, kids and grandkids. Maybe there will be more about the book, writing, and reading, with more links to articles about writers.

I am grateful to all those that followed my blog, liked posts, and wrote comments. Please sign up again! The best is yet to come!

Here’s a link to an article sent to me by my friend Robyn from Queensland, Australia:


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