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Chocolate! How Far will you Go?

I had to replenish our chocolate supply. Down to just a few chocolate covered almonds and espresso beans, it was time to restock. We’d converted to dark chocolate ages ago, given reports that it—like drinking red wine— promotes good heart … Continue reading

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Swiss Sampler: Geneva & Zurich

Traveling, especially when tagging along on a business trip, upsets my exercise routine. Add a place like Switzerland, where chocolate is served every minute and my eating habits suffer too. I bemoaned my worry about extra calories to my friend … Continue reading

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Chefs’ Choices: Chocolate Pasta & Thai Cocoa Chicken

Chocolate pasta? Sounds like something out of Candyland  or Willy Wonka’s world. Healthy eating and chocolate?  Now that really sounds like an oxymoron. Not for Casey  Granieri and Jerry Comi, professional chefs, who make tossing together ingredients look as easy … Continue reading

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