Blog Connections: The Power of Writing

A surprise comment on an old blog post reminded me of the power of writing and the importance of family stories.

On, Friday, April 6, 2012, I wrote a Good Friday post, recalling how when I worked as a reporter for the Danbury (CT) News-Times, I met a woman who’d been arrested for serving beer on Good Friday, breaking Connecticut’s then “Blue” laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol on that day.

A couple days ago, I received this comment on that post.

Kathleen Tenk was my mother. She’s been dead 31 years now. What a surprise to see this article from just 3 years ago. She always stood up for what she believed in. I try to do the same. I hope she knows that.

Honored that Lisa Beauregard Tenk had found my post and touched that my words reminded her of her mother, I corresponded with her through blog comments and later via email.

How did she find my post, now over 3 years old?

She wrote:

Just couldn’t sleep last night and Googled her name. The power of the internet. I will be visiting tomorrow with my sister and my mom’s 2 surviving sisters. I’ll share this with them. They will be happy to be reminded that her spirit and life are remembered.

 I asked her if she’d mind if I wrote about our exchange and she responded:

I would not mind at all! There are so many stories like that about my mom. I often think I should have written a book to keep her memory alive. When I shared your blog on FB there was someone who commented that they were there the night she was arrested. Everyone loved and respected her.

Thank you again!

My blog readership has slipped (as has the amount I post), and often I’m happy that the  loyal readers I’ve amassed continue to comment. This comment from an old post shows that one never knows who may read your work; if not today, maybe tomorrow, or even in a year or two, or three.


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9 Responses to Blog Connections: The Power of Writing

  1. Colline says:

    What a wonderful connection and reminder to your reader of her mom’s beliefs.

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  2. mercyn620 says:

    A wonderful way to realize your writing is out there, people connect and appreciate your work.

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  3. I love this Lisa! I know that some people choose to disable commenting after a period of time. Aren’t you glad you don’t do that? ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Dear Lisa,
    What an amazing connection, and what a lift to learn that your writing has had such an impact, and continues to reach readers long after it was written. Thank you for an important reminder to us all about the power and potential of our words.


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