Summer Slices

Summer is slip-sliding away and this year; I have the August 1st curse as I’m returning to the classroom in a couple of weeks. I’ll be teaching creative writing to 7th & 8th graders. So now August feels like Sunday nights—in a good way—anticipation of new learning, sharing and writing.

Meanwhile it’s been a packed summer with family and friends, biking, reading, writing, swimming, and a couple of shows.

I caught up with Tangerine Tango contributor Gabi Coatsworth on one of my trips to Connecticut.  IMG_0931

My high school friend Lynn organized a mini-reunion centered on her brother’s performance in South Pacific at the Ivoryton Playhouse. He and his wife are opera singers. Great performance; it’s a show that doesn’t seem to get dated. The message of “you’ve got to be taught” is a strong now as when the show first came out in 1949. IMG_0939

Then my friend Yvonne suggested we take advantage of Restaurant week in NYC. I tend to avoid the city in summer – too hot and too many tourists. But I’d never taken advantage of Restaurant Week before—a three-course lunch for $25. Really. The dessert was amazing—a chocolate mousse/espresso/hazelnut concoction.  IMG_0948We turned it into a complete outing and saw the revival of On the Town. Music by Leonard Bernstein, ballet, and NYC. Though we felt the show is dated, we had fun.  IMG_0950

I’ve had friends at the lake IMG_0955and we’ve done some biking excursions, including 120 miles round trip to our friends in Orson, PA. (over two days.)IMG_0923IMG_0924

I took an on-line poetry writing class and realized how bad I am at that genre. I still struggle to understand a lot of what’s written for adults. Yet I enjoyed the challenge and am inspired to rejuvenate an old manuscript and work on it more seriously. Stay tuned.

We still have some outings ahead—a beach day, and a visit to New Orleans, (talk about hot and humid) to help our daughter get settled into her apartment before she starts law school. I’ll miss my trips to San Francisco as I’d gotten to know the city while she was there. NOLA, I’m sure will capture my heart soon enough.

Now it’s time to start thinking about lesson plans and what I’ll wear the first day.

Until then, I bought a new lunch box.

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20 Responses to Summer Slices

  1. So fun to read your summer recap. Your creative writing job sounds wonderful. My friend Margaret Nevinski teachers creative writing. Here’s her website: It’s aimed at younger kids but you may get some ideas.

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    • Thanks! A bit nervous about giving up my free time and freedom to pick up and do things at whim, especially visiting my parents, etc. But it will all work out. 4 days a week so that’s good.


  2. Good luck with your teaching job beginning this fall! I’m in the same boat, planning lesson plans and of course what to wear the first day!

    Your summer happenings are terrific. So stimulating and original!

    Enjoy the rest of the vacation.

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  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous summer so far. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Good luck with the teaching job and all the prep that entails (not to mention what to wear the first day of school).


  4. What a full and wonderful summer for you, Lisa! You look fabulous!! I’m in Tel Aviv, waiting for baby… And yes, shocked that it’s Augudt already! Lucky 7-8th graders! 😊

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  5. ShimonZ says:

    Sounds like a magnificent summer.


    • Thanks, I love the change in seasons and though not such a fan of heat, love being outdoors and the summer foods like tomatoes– I know you get great produce all year long in Israel . Here in the NE of the US, we have seasonal vegetables and fruits. I look forward to each season.


      • ShimonZ says:

        I look forward to each season too… even though many fruits and vegetables are found throughout the year. But when I was young, it wasn’t like that. And I got used to associating different fruit with certain seasons. Even now, I think that most fruit is best in its season.

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  6. Lisa, you have such a full and rich life, what with the cycling, writing, cultural experiences and travel. You are going to be an inspiring and engaging teacher, I just know it! ❤
    Diana xo

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  7. jmgoyder says:

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful summer!


  8. Sounds like it’s been a lovely summer. My heart skipped a beat when you mentioned teaching 7th and 8th graders because my son will be in 7th grade this year. He has learning disabilities that affect him in a variety of areas including reading and written language arts (and math), so I don’t know what sort of language arts class he’ll be doing this year. He’s a wonderful story teller; just has difficulty getting things from his head down on paper. Good luck this year!

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  9. susanissima says:

    What a delightful summer you’ve had, Lisa. So much packed into so little time. Congratulations on returning to the classroom and best wishes. I was a middle school writing teacher, mostly 7th grade, until I retired 3 years ago. I adore that age group! They are so creative with the pen (or computer). Have fun!

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  10. Missed this one, very nice


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