CVS Goes Big: Receipts, Stores & Anti-Smoking

Often bigger isn’t necessarily better. Take CVS.  Even Jimmy Kimmel on his ABC late night show complained to President Barak Obama about the length of the drugstore’s receipts.

In Katonah, New York, a bedroom suburb 45 miles north of New York City, the local zoning board voted to limit the size of new retail establishments, effectively blocking CVS from building a nearly 7,000 square foot superstore in a small shopping center, replacing a smaller store already there. Residents wanted to maintain the town’s character; it banned Starbucks nearly 20 years ago.

I understand “NIMBY” – “not in my backyard.” I’ve seen one of these mega-sized CVS stores and wondered what more could they be selling. I fill prescriptions at an independent store in my town and love the personal attention and quick service. When other stores in town have closed, this pharmacy has absorbed some of their business, adding a music department and photocopying area. Yet for items like sunscreen, aspirin, hair products, and the like, I’ll stop into my local CVS. And while I’m there I might buy milk or candy too. I crumble their excessively long receipts; I’m not organized enough to keep them safe somewhere for the next visit. I agree with Kimmel, it is a waste of paper.

Yet CVS deserves commendation too. The company announced that it’s resigning from the US Chamber of Commerce because the chamber and its foreign affiliates are lobbying against anti-smoking laws. Last year, CVS stopped selling tobacco products and believe the chamber’s campaign stymies the drugstore chain’s mission to improve public health.

Bravo, CVS for having the courage to act. Perhaps we can forgive the company for having ridiculous receipts and wanting bigger stores.

Boo, Chamber of Commerce for supporting business interests at the expense of global health.






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7 Responses to CVS Goes Big: Receipts, Stores & Anti-Smoking

  1. I agree. It drives me a little crazy when I get those long receipts from supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.. full of all kinds of offers that I don’t have time to read or scan or look at. I also crumple them into my purse. Bigger is not necessarily better. I love my smaller (used to be the big one but now another huuuuge one opened nearby) supermarket where I know where everything is and I can get in and out. Too big equals too much stimulation!

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  2. Bravo indeed. It was 5+ years ago that pharmacies stopped selling tobacco products here in Canada Lisa. ❤
    Diana xo


  3. jfrances40 says:

    Very interesting. I love smaller stores. Otherwise too overwhlming and too many choices. Simplicity is my preference!


  4. Right on!. You’d think one of these super CVSs would provde a decent bathroom. Discraceful!
    Not even beautiful door! At least the super markets are accomodatng.i

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  5. I always keep my vouchers from CVS. I shop there a lot, so have saved a stack of money with the 20% and 30% off and various other deals. I certainly wouldn’t want to wander around a super-sized store though.. I like to be in and out in 5 minutes max..


  6. Tthank you for another day in paradise. My thouhts exactly. My local CVS is fine, but i prefer to have my prescriptons filled at an independent pharmacy. Thank you for yøur comment.


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