Grand Central Station Craft Fair

After hearing about this craft fair from two people, my sister and Dawn, I  had to go myself.  Grand Central Station has been featured in countless films.  I’ve met many friends and family members over the years in front of its famous clock. Main

This is the train station I took from Connecticut into New York  when my mother brought us to the ballet and to visit Aunt Sylvia.  Living in New Jersey the past 25 years, I come into Penn Station, which is convenient to the west side but holds none of the grandeur.

And this craft fair, really more a display of art,  adds to the station’s appeal. Of course, I was drawn to the textile exhibitors, anything knitted or crocheted like these hats and stuffed animals made from recycled sweaters. unnamed-2unnamed-3  I also loved these colorful pepper mills. unnamed And if your infant gets lost, here’s a handy NYC subway map: unnamed-1

The fair is open through Dec. 24 if you’re in the area and need last minute gifts.

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15 Responses to Grand Central Station Craft Fair

  1. SO glad you went! I knew you would love it! I am still regretting several purchases I didn’t make. I did take cards, and may be ordering on line. Got a beautiful cycle style bag, with a leather print of “Imagine” memorial on it. Here work was fabulous! And FELL IN LOVE with an incredible Turkish jeweler… bought one of his wraps for myself, and gifts for my sister and a friend… The entire vibe there was so festive and great! Miss you, and glad to imagine you walking there… Happy season!


    • I bought 3 of the puppets for the grands, some amazing skin stuff for me, and a very cool pepper mill. Could have done much more. loved the sweaters made from recycled cashmere… but the price. ouch. xo

      On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 2:06 PM, cyclingrandma


  2. Colline says:

    Gorgeous hats. I would love to see some women wearing them.


  3. Sounds like a trip well worth the time. My friend and I were just saying that we are missing the usual craft fair (It didn’t happen here this year) but if you look around, you sure do find a lot of shops with unique and local crafts.


  4. Huffygirl says:

    It’s a beautiful building. I was only there once, about 34 years ago. Interesting crafts too.


  5. Drjcwash says:

    I love that craft fir. It was one of the treats of working in that area for a number of years. I stumbled on it over 5 years ago. I have not gone this year but I may since I will be in Manhattan this weekend.


  6. I think it’s time to bring back hats. Those look a bit like the ones in Downton Abbey…but I’d wear the cloche in a heartbeat!


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    What a fabulous venue for a craft fair – vast compared to the little ones I do!


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