Stash Pile Knitting

I raided my and my mother’s stash piles for some recent knitting projects.

I finished what I’m calling the butterfly sweater for my daughter-in –law. The original pattern called for a front panel that we decided we didn’t like so she’s using a shawl pin to close it. DSC_1288DSC_1287

It’s definitely not something to wear when feeding blackberries to Meira. DSC_1300

I’ve been on a cowl/neckwarmer kick. I’ve made four easy ones –one for Marina,  Tangerine scarf 1-1the Tangerine Tango designer, one for me,  CIMG2274and one for each of my sons. CIMG2269

I’m now working on two more for me, one easy in a slanted -loop stitch and the other more complicated in a seashell pattern. CIMG2275CIMG2276

Lydia wanted a large infinity scarf that would wrap around two or three times but I figured it would be spring before I finished it, so we found one at the mall.

I have a magenta cable pullover waiting for its front and sleeves, and some green yarn seeking a pattern. There’s a needlepoint pillow kit hidden in the back of my project cupboard to tackle– all in good time!

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21 Responses to Stash Pile Knitting

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    I love that butterfly sweater. How super that you made it all from stash yarn.


  2. Love the expression “stash yarn.” Not being a knitter, it’s new to me. I have stash note cards and stash candles but nothing as intriguing as stash yarn!


  3. You are a woman with many talents: all artistic! How about a new book called, “Stash Yarns in History: the true story of Lisa’s recycling efforts for family gifts.” If you start now you could publish it in time for holiday shopping, 2013!


  4. I never did get into knitting, crocheting, needle point, etc I can’t help wondering if I missed out on something!


  5. Nice job Lisa! I keep saying I’m going to learn to knit… but here I sit. :-p


  6. Beautiful work. I don’t know how you do it.


  7. I like the idea of doing a number of smaller projects – like writing some shorter pieces as a break from a novel.


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