Fashion Passion: Scarves!

“I had 57 scarves, I got rid of 10,” My sister Madeline admitted, when we discussed the need to purge items from our wardrobes we weren’t wearing. While I haven’t counted, and don’t think I have nearly that many, I share my sisters’ and mother’s addiction to scarves. And even if spring is slowly starting to warm the days, I find myself reaching for a scarf every time I leave the house. It’s cold in the early morning, then warmer, and then cold again.

I remember when we toured the University of Chicago years ago with one of our sons and the tour guide advised that scarves provided essential protection against the Lake Michigan winds. My mother  has always insisted scarves bring attention away from the middle and toward the face. I like them in all sizes and colors: wool and cashmere in winter, and silk all the time.

When I taught, I wore a scarf every day to match my outfit, a habit my sister, who also teaches, follows. We sometimes pick the outfit to match the scarf. One can never obsess enough when it comes to scarves.

I lost a treasured one this winter. A cowl I knit from imported cashmere, must have slipped off my lap in a taxi and I didn’t notice- until it was too late. I was heartbroken. It wasn’t a simple pattern but one that involved loops and laces; why couldn’t it have been a store-bought generic one? Alas.

I remember tucking a bright “Jerry Garcia” scarf inside the neckline of my black wool dress I wore to my grandfather’s funeral. He’d have approved, I think , of my adding a bit of color to sad day. unnamed-3

After I published Tangerine Tango, my sister bought me this scarf.unnamed Great for book talks!

It’s Autism Awareness Day  and the color code is Blue. I have the perfect scarf!unnamed-4

What about you? Do you collect an item of clothing? Share your fashion passion!

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17 Responses to Fashion Passion: Scarves!

  1. OmaOrBubby says:

    I love when people add scarves to their outfits. My problem is it’s hard to get the right way to tie it. I think it’s an art. I like silk colorful scarves. They dress up an outfit. I enjoyed this post because it is nostalgic, as are many of your writings. Truth is, scarves will probably always be in style. They are classic.


  2. I have a collection of scarves too. The oldest one belonged to my great aunt (who also owned the cabinet in my essay The Cabinet in Tangerine Tango). It dates back to the 30s. And the most unusual is woven with metal and weighs so much I hardly ever wear it. But when I do, it shines…


  3. grandmalin says:

    Almost everything I own is black – such a boring closet. It’s lovely to have bright and colourful scarves, although I can’t imagine owning 57! It would take me half a day to choose one. And I fear they’d all be shades of red….


  4. I have about 7 scarves. I think they add flair to business suits and jeans alike. I also have 7 pairs of boots; cowboy boots, winter boots, spring boots – I love boots!


  5. I’ve never been clever with scarves, but admire anyone who wears them confidently.
    So maybe I’ll start a collection of diamonds.


  6. Drjcwash says:

    I must admit I have way too many scarves. I have been giving some away. I also wear a size 11 shoe. I wear boots. I have way too many. I have to get rid of some of the older ones.


  7. Always hard to throw things out, and then when I do, I find I’m missing the item.


  8. mercyn620 says:

    I also love scarves, but do not wear them everyday and, although I haven’t counted, do not have close to 57. But I do love shopping and buying them!


  9. Yes, very fun to buy! Can never have too many.


    • Lisa, I collect wigs the way you collect scarves. I love the freedom a wig gives me to transform my looks. I only buy short wigs. They vary in color, style, and texture. A wig, for me, is an accessory. I think of them in the same way some people view shoes, jewelry, furs, or scarves. If I were wealthy, I would probably have several hundred short wigs. In fact, I would own a wig closet and I would pay a stylist to take good care of my wigs and to keep them looking good.


  10. I’m a scarf addict too… letting them go is nearly impossible, but I really need to! Frankly, I need to empty much of my closet, and start over! 😉


  11. So do I, so do I. So much I never wear.


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