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Dog Love: A Cautionary Tale

My friend Helene arrived about 3 pm at our northeastern Pennsylvania lake house and we took advantage of the sunny, warm day to get in the water, swim to the dock, and bathe in the sun.   Moses, my rescue … Continue reading

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Naming: Sisters, Pets, Daughters, & Storms

“If the baby’s a girl, can we name her Madeline?” My  sister Naomi, then five,  asked my parents, who were expecting their fourth child. We both loved Ludwig Bemelmans’ 1939 Madeline.   And when my mother gave birth March 22, … Continue reading

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Pets & Kids: New Studies!

My son Nathan is away this week, spending the Passover holiday with his wife and son at his in-laws in Atlanta. I called him yesterday to remind him about Willy’s birthday. Our beloved yellow Labrador died three years ago at … Continue reading

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