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Finished Projects: Winter Knitting

I’ve been knitting up a storm the past several months. I made matching sweaters for the 4 grandsons in royal blue, navy, and green and light blue.  The eldest grand-daughter got a jumper with a cabled top.  Of course, I … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Not Toys for Kids

We’re only a few episodes away from completing watching Breaking Bad, the AMC series that ran for five seasons from January, 2008 to September, 2013. We had tried one episode ages ago and quickly dismissed it as not for us:  violence … Continue reading

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Favorite Painkillers: Brand Names, Generic or Homeopathic?

The knuckle on my right hand index finger has been misbehaving lately, aching and sending shooting pains up through the finger, interfering with simple tasks like cutting vegetables and extremely important tasks like knitting. It hasn’t responded to my usual … Continue reading

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Fashion Passion: Scarves!

“I had 57 scarves, I got rid of 10,” My sister Madeline admitted, when we discussed the need to purge items from our wardrobes we weren’t wearing. While I haven’t counted, and don’t think I have nearly that many, I … Continue reading

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Finished Projects: Vests for All

I  love knitting vests. I work in the round until the armhole, then divide and finish each side, and only have the neckband and armbands to do– no boring sleeves to knit. Here’s a crop of recently finished projects. For … Continue reading

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Grand Central Station Craft Fair

After hearing about this craft fair from two people, my sister and Dawn, I  had to go myself.  Grand Central Station has been featured in countless films.  I’ve met many friends and family members over the years in front of its … Continue reading

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Knitting Away the Stress: Not for Women Only

I’ve joined a small group, about six women, who get together to knit, usually on Monday afternoons. Early in the morning, someone will dash off an email offering to host and the others chime in who can come, who can’t. … Continue reading

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Gender Equality: Where Should the Buttons Go?

With the 4th grandchild due at the end of July, I wanted to knit something for him/her to wear home from the hospital.   I selected gender-neutral light mint cotton yarn that came complete with the pattern and three little duck … Continue reading

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Maine Moments

We spent a few days on the Maine coast, biking and hiking. Crisp cool air, wildflowers, water everywhere, and lobster.  Every town has a library,  a post office, more than one bookstore, a bike shop, and a yarn store featuring … Continue reading

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Peace Corps Postcard #2-Cultural Exchange

This is the second installment in my mother’s stories about being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia. In comments to her first piece, many asked how this came about. My father was a poultry farmer who retired from farming in 1982. … Continue reading

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