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Hello, May I Speak to…?

“You answered the phone.” I can still hear my Grandma Mae, calling me at my first post-college job. I couldn’t tell if she was impressed that I was important enough to have a phone to answer or dismayed that whatever … Continue reading

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Password Peril

“We’ve detected some virus activity on your account. Please change your password.” These sorts of emails send me into a panic. What was the original password for that credit card, store, membership, account, automatic bill, newsletter, blog, or whatever else … Continue reading

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Twister! There’s An App!

I dropped my daughter at the airport early today for a flight to San Francisco, where she hopes to secure both an apartment and a job in the next week. She has her heart set on moving there and envisions … Continue reading

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Beating the Scrabble CPU: Whatever it Takes!

  I have a new nemesis: CPU, aka central processing unit,  my on-line Scrabble opponent.    Thanks to my tech-savvy daughter, who bought, set up and  downloaded apps I’d  like on an Ipad mini, I’m playing lots of Scrabble. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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