Joey & Kamala: Picture Books for Everyone


When my children were in elementary school, I volunteered in the school library and was lucky to work with Arlene Lambert, the librarian. She called picture books, “Everyone Books.” I was studying for my Masters in Education, and eventually specialized in Children’s and Young Adult Literature; perhaps partly thanks to her influence.

I love children’s books and still have quite a large collection left from my own children and from my years teaching. Even with middle schoolers, I’d read picture books to use as writing prompts. My grands are all reading on their own now; ensconced in e-readers, graphic novels, and also regular print books. The youngest, nearly 7, will allow me to read to him now and then and I jump at the chance to cuddle up, open a book, and read. We discuss the illustrations, and comment about all the elements of story: plot, character, setting.

So seeing…

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2 Responses to Joey & Kamala: Picture Books for Everyone

  1. bernieLynne says:

    Books – the backbone of our family. I grew up reading every last thing I could get my hands on and our children were the same way. My best R and R time – reading in the afternoon sunshine.

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  2. lisakwinkler says:

    Yes, best way to spend some time with the grands. Gets harder as they get older!


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