Covid DeCluttering: Cookie Jar?

Like many during the past several months, I’ve managed to unload a few unused, not needed items.

An enormous pot I used to make marmalade. Another one for chili. A glass trifle bowl. Some yarn and needles. I could easily go through the entire house, tossing, donating, recycling.

Our town created a residents’ only virtual free market site. Most things posted usually are gone in a nano-second. If an item doesn’t go; it probably won’t. Users are encouraged to remove those. I posted a turkey roasting pan– it’s still on the basement shelf.

Which brings me to the cookie jar. I haven’t used it in years. Years. The once children and then teenagers who enjoyed availing themselves of its contents as they passed by are now adults. None want it.

I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to put it on the free site; there’s bound to be a younger family who’d take it.

My husband, the least sentimental person I know, balked.
“I look at that cookie jar and think of all the Anzacs that used to be there.”

Yes, Anzacs. And  chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, and oatmeal raisin. Maybe some molasses.

It’s not that I don’t bake. I make muffins for the grands, mostly to use up brown bananas. I make summer fruit pies, crisps and crumbles; and cakes all seasons. Just not so many cookies anymore, or when I do, I parcel them out– a can for the grands, a can for my parents; and a few left for us. Never enough left to fill the jar.

So the cookie jar is staying. Empty. Some day I guess it will sell in an estate sale.

My neighbor suggested I put dog biscuits in it. That’s an idea.

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3 Responses to Covid DeCluttering: Cookie Jar?

  1. judy says:

    Ahh……yes. I have two cookie jars and the same dilemma! Trying to think of other uses for them.


  2. The ANZAC cookies are so evocative. The history goes back over 100 years. I remember eating them in Australia. We happened to be there on ANZAC Day…

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  3. Tiffany says:

    That’s a pretty cookie jar.


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