Social Distancing #6: Crafts & Passions

My sisters and I started texting today about our various crafts we’re engaged in while in isolation. We shared photos. So I thought I’d put it out on Facebook to see what others are up to.

Of course there’s A LOT of walking and cooking. Many are making masks from everything from bras to yarmulkes; donating or for their own use.

What we’re doing to keep sane runs the gamut. Here’s a sampling from my respondents:

Baking, gardening, raking leaves, cleaning, watercolors, knitting, quilting,

embroidery, playing guitar, playing piano, singing, yoga, sewing, learning Spanish, learning Portuguese, whittling, writing, hand building with clay, reading, listening to old CDs, sharing cooking videos on Instagram, jigsaw puzzles, making swords out of wood for kids, shopping vicariously through Instacart and watching Instacart videos, and of course, binging.

A few others stood out: Marla says she’s kicking things. She didn’t elaborate and I’m afraid to ask. Ellen wrote: Scotch. Says everything. And Jeri is doing Zentangle. I’d never heard of it but it looks really cool.

As for me and my sisters: I’m finally finishing a needlepoint project  I started at least five years ago.  My sister Naomi has nearly completed this crewel embroidery. For each of us, we have to wait for the stores that cater to creating the final products, (pillow for me and wall hanging for her), reopen. My sister Madeline made a doll for a present and has been repairing and making jewelry.

Keep safe and sane with your crafts and passions.

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5 Responses to Social Distancing #6: Crafts & Passions

  1. Colline says:

    Your project looks very pretty

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  2. I’m impressed and exhausted! But I am writing, so that’s my creative thing. And doing a bit of gardening (also creative in my book). Stay well!


  3. Love your needlepoint, anything to stay sane!


  4. Marsha says:

    Beautiful work. I’m going through binging withdrawal.

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  5. Yes, it’s hard just be watching all the time. Stay well.


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