Social Distancing #4: Happy 66th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Today’s my parents’ 66th anniversary.

Here’s what I wrote about their 58th anniversary:

Due to Covid-19, we can’t join them to celebrate and I couldn’t find anywhere that delivers dinners where they live. After 58 years in their house, where I grew up, they sold the property. My brother, who lives nearby, and has already been in and out of their house in the past several weeks of social distancing, is working like mad to clean things out and prepare for their move to a senior living apartment. Unfortunately, my sisters and I can’t travel from out of state to help.

I know the isolation is hard for them, as it is for the rest of us. For many months, they’ve already been quite housebound. Family and friends have taken them to medical appointments. When I visit, I do errands and we visit my father’s sister, Lillian, who lives in New Haven. Now she’s quarantined in her apartment.   This latest social distancing is harder. My mother, until three weeks ago, enjoyed a senior exercise aquatic class at the local YMCA. They aren’t technically skilled– facetime, zoom and all eludes them .

I can only hope that we can celebrate their milestone at some point. They grew up during the Depression and World War II. They faced many challenges. This is another one.

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6 Responses to Social Distancing #4: Happy 66th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

  1. Congratulations on your parent’s anniversary. They are from the amazing generation — depression, WWII — makes me think of all the selflessness and sacrifice. My mom is no longer alive, but I’ve thought of her a lot during these past weeks. She, like your parents, understood what it was to band together and make it through. I draw hope from her stories and the memory of her. I pray that all of this ends soon and that you will be able to visit your folks and hug them tight.
    until then, stay safe and be well.


    • Stephanie, you were the first to read and reply to my post and your words brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing about your mother. We all need some tight hugs these days, Take care of yourself.


  2. This must be so hard for you all. My thoughts are with you.


  3. Sending you, your family and your parents loving thoughts and well-wishes. What a wonderful thing to celebrate, even from a distance, in these difficult times.

    happy Anniversary to your parents!

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  4. Thank you Louise. Sending hugs!


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