Social Distancing Diary #3: A Hike & Ice Cream

Our son met us at a local park for a short hike yesterday. My husband remarked that the scene was surreal– on one hand a gorgeous, sunny, warm day; lots of people outside hiking, biking, walking dogs, all keeping distant from each other. Yet on the other hand, we’re all anxious.

Seeing the grands after more than two weeks during which their world and everyone else’s has turned upside down provided some comfort and semblance of normalcy. We hiked through the woods and the boys especially loved climbing on rocks, exploring hollowed out trees, and chasing each other over bridges. My grand-daughter preferred to walk the dog; she misses seeing him on a regular basis.

I had bought ice cream sandwiches and took great care to  keep them frozen: insulated freezer bag inside a hard-sided cooler, surrounded with as many ice packs as I could cram inside. They kept frozen enough to enjoy and I had plenty of hand-wipes for washing before and after eating. We hope to do this sort of outing again next week. In the meantime, I sent them some cards with jokes and art projects. Maintaining a normal grandma relationship is challenging but not undoable.

A college friend sent me a letter from the Edna St. Vincent Millay Society, that described the efforts being taken to keep poet’s legacy and the many natural wonders of the location alive. Several species of rare butterflies and dragonflies have been identified on the property, known as Steepletop.  We had visited the farm in 2017. Edna St. Vincent Millay: Happy 125th Birthday!

The letter closes with some apt lines of Millay’s,  written in 1950, about living in postwar America.

From the apprehensive present, . . .
Let us turn for comfort to this simple fact:
We have been in trouble before … and we came through.

Try to find some normalcy in every day. Ice cream helps.

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9 Responses to Social Distancing Diary #3: A Hike & Ice Cream

  1. Love your hike and ice! Stay well 🙂


  2. LOvely. I sense the joy and gratitude, love and connection in your words and feel… lifted up.

    thank you!


  3. Letty Sue Albert says:

    This outing would not be allowed now in Europe, even though it is out of doors. Better think again! Isolate, my dear. Xx


  4. Oh I am so glad you had a hike with the Grands! Y’all look happy and healthy, and you’re right. Nothing like some ice cream to save the day 😷


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