Social Distancing? Here’s some Books to Read!

When I heard a library in a nearby town was closing due to Covid-19, I rushed to mine to stock up for the self- quarantine ahead. Here’s some titles I’ve read in the past few weeks.

American Dirt. I don’t understand the criticism. If we start demanding cultural appropriation for everything we read and watch, we’ll be left with little. In the midst of virus obsessing, maybe it’s easy to forget that there are children in cages in the US. This book reminds us and should keep us good and angry on Election Day.

Apeirogon is a mathematical term that defines “a shape with a countable infinite number of sides.” That itself is a paradox and Colum McCann’s use of the term to describe the political, historical, and geographic situation in Israel and the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians is one of the cleverest accounts I’ve ever read. He tells the story of two fathers, one Israeli, one Palestinian, who each lost daughters to violence. They become friends, speaking out about peace. Read it.

A 12-year-old is the sole survivor of a plane crash that takes his family in Dear Edward. How he survives after is the story. Quick read.

I listened to Isabel Allende’s Long Petal of the Sea. History and romance spanning decades. I also listened to The Lager Queen of Minnesota; finally a book that made me laugh out loud. A welcome respite!

We started watching The Hunters, a compelling Al Pacino as a Nazi hunter in NYC in the 1970’s, based on true events. We also started Bonfire of Destiny, also based on true events, and await the Philip Roth’s Plot Against America. In between, we watch debates. Thanks to social distancing, I may actually complete an interminable needlepoint project and cut into my yarn stash.

And about social distancing. Having a dog makes us get out for walks. We’ve got plenty of food, though I question the wisdom at the grocery store that allowed for long lines as everyone stocked up. For me, the hardest part is not being able to see the grandkids. Heartbreaking.

Stay healthy everyone. Send me your reading and watching suggestions!





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4 Responses to Social Distancing? Here’s some Books to Read!

  1. Pat Skene says:

    Thanks for the list of books. Right now, I’m reading humorous crime novels by Carl Hiaasen. Definitely a good laugh on every page. We need that right now. That, and to turn the damn news channels off! Be well..


  2. I’ve been watching programs about the Chelsea Flower Show on YouTube. They’re incredibly soothing, and the 2018 edition includes a garden from Wuhan, China. And they make me ambitious for my garden, which is something I can work on while I’m home for a while…


  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂


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