Bare Legs in Winter

Between climate change and overheated buildings, I never know what to wear in winter. Layers help. Still, I err on the side of caution; gloves, scarf, and hat are always part of my daily attire. Since I became a dog owner  I’m out early in the morning and bundle up, prepared for wind and longer walks.

Thanks to aging feet issues, I’ve shifted my wardrobe more towards pants and comfortable walking shoes. Yet, I still own several skirts and a couple dresses, and lots of opaque tights to complement outfits. When I taught middle school, I wore tights of every color and pattern- a signature style my students enjoyed discussing.

With a day in New York City planned, and a weather forecast of mid-40, I opted for a skirt, sweater, tights, and short boots. I knew I’d be walking a lot. I still had a scarf, hat, and gloves.

Part of the fun of a NYC day, is people watching.

I guess I missed the fashion memo about stockings.

Bare-legged, no matter the weather, seems the norm. With high heels.

I saw women stocking-less and felt cold for them. Goosebumps on bare legs.

This style is evident on television shows as well. We’ve been catching up with Madame Secretary where all the women go without hose while wearing winter coats.

When did stockings become passé?




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3 Responses to Bare Legs in Winter

  1. paul kellly says:



  2. Drjcwash says:

    Still going to wear my tights in winter.


  3. Here in Florida, I don’t wear stockings. When travelling to colder climes, I usually wear leggings and boots, often with no socks, especially in UGGS.

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