Sharing Amanda at Bat

It’s summer! Little League baseball and t-ball games are in full swing. Before school let out, I shared Amanda at Bat with fourth graders at a public school in Teaneck, NJ. My friend Caleb, one of the teachers, invited me to his class and arranged for me to speak to two others.

I always enjoy the chance to connect with students and loved hearing their reactions and answering their questions. Here are some excerpts from some of the letters they sent me:

We had a great day with you here on Thursday! I loved how you read with expression! Another thing I liked is when Amanda was sad, you showed that she was sad. I loved how you showed how everyone was feeling like sad, happy, angry, and all that. Another thing I liked was when Amanda stood up for herself and you showed her confidence. This is why my class loved you here!– Ashley

It was really cool meeting a book writer because it was my first time, and I enjoyed it. I’m normally into fantasy and my favorite author is Rick Riordan and I would only read Rick but I did like your book. Sometimes some of my friends don’t get picked for baseball teams and they felt the pain but they did make another team they soon got their time to shine. That could be motivational to some people because it may have happened to them also. —  Demetrius   

Thank you for spending your time to come stay with us. I have to say… It was a true honor having a journalist come into our class and reading to us. –Hunain

Thank you for coming in and reading for my class, we don’t get many chances in the whole entire year to have someone read to us like that. Maybe you can write a book about the whole class, that will sure make us happy.  –Jalen

 Amanda at Bat was an amazing story. Please write more books. –Lesley                                                                                    

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2 Responses to Sharing Amanda at Bat

  1. Really fun letters. I especially liked the little boy who said he only ever read Rick Riodrdan, but he did like your book . . . What a thrill to inspire these young lives. Cyber hugs from a fellow writer.

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  2. Thanks, Stephanie.


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