Birthday Giving

My birthday is next Saturday. 

In the morning, I’ll be participating in training to be a debate moderator, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. My local league, which comprises three towns, gets more requests than it can satisfy for moderators for municipal, state, and federal elections.

Later in the day, I’m flying to France for a cycling trip through Brittany.

So as far as birthdays go, I can’t complain. I’ll have a combination of learning, exercising, and eating great food in a beautiful location.

Facebook, because it can’t seem to mind its own business, has already asked me if I’d like to ask my followers to donate to a favorite charity; they even provide a lengthy list to choose from.

I’ve given to many friends’ causes over the years: walks, runs, bike rides for all sorts of charities. All good causes.

So since I’m the girl who needs nothing, I’m asking my friends to donate to any of these charities that are important to me.

League of Women Voters

I joined the league last year and have been appointed to its board.  I assist in voter registration drives and  I have written and presented “Why Voting Matters” to area school children and hope to expand the program.

Planned Parenthood

I’m reading Cecile Richards’ memoir about her 10 years running this important organization dedicated to women’s health. We have to fight to preserve her legacy.

Son of A Saint

I met Sonny Lee nearly four years ago and became immediately inspired by his devotion to ending the cycle of violence that plagues New Orleans youth, particularly boys. I’ve recently joined the SOAS board and am excited to be part of its growth.

If none of these interest you, please donate money or your time to a local Democratic candidate. Our kids’ future and our planet are at stake.

Or the charity of your choice.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to Birthday Giving

  1. jfrances40 says:

    Happy Birthday, Lisa! Sounds like a fabulous and well rounded celebration. Have a great trip! 🌷


  2. ksbeth says:

    It sounds like it will be wonderful!


  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa. Your plans sound stimulating, interesting and wonderful. Enjoy!


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