Unfriend Facebook?

In February I posted on Facebook that I was seriously considering pulling my pages. Disgusted with the reports of election hacking made more accessible via Facebook I felt enough was enough. Facebook friends encouraged me to stay. After all, it’s been a great way to connect with high school and college friends, promote my blog and books, join like-minded political and social groups, and share news and photos of family.

Now, however, with the news that about 87 million Americans have had their accounts hacked, sending our personal information who knows where and to what use, I’m considering again.

But I really don’t want to, for all the above reasons. I’m used to FB and like using it. I don’t tweet, or use Instagram, and don’t even know what other options there are for this convenient social network. There used to be competition until FB took over.

Tim Wu’s op-ed in today’s New York Times, “Don’t Fix Facebook. Replace It”  poses ideas for serious thought. Yes, we depend on social networks. We need new platforms dedicated to protecting consumer data. Facebook, in theory, has proved a game-changer. Facebook, as a corporation is so grossly mismanaged, it must be replaced.

“Now is the time for a new generation of Facebook competitors that challenge the mother ship,” writes Wu.

I put my faith in young people. They’re spearheading changes in gun laws that generations of adults haven’t been able to do. They’re tech-savvy. Please, kids, figure this out too.

Meanwhile, my friend Ronnie, who blogs at Morristown Memos, wrote about being hacked on FB and pondered whether or not to pull out.

Like her, I won’t cancel for now. I’ll be careful what I post, what I share, and will avoid silly surveys that seem to be targeted for collecting data.

To unfriend or not? That is the question.



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6 Responses to Unfriend Facebook?

  1. danamaria108 says:

    Love this, Lisa…and I feel the exact same way with the exact same conundrum–although now, since FB has also messed with the algorithms, it undoes the purpose of the platform, which is to connect with who one wants and then to see what those people post, and show them more of the same, which prevents people from getting a more rounded exposure. I can’t miss the irony of the whole thing.

    dana maria cilento (murphy)

    E-RYT500, YACEP Certified Celebrant http://www.accessiblespirituality.com

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  2. I’ve been thinking of unfriending Facebook too. . . and I agree, now would be the time for a new platform, now that Mr. Zuckerberg has shown us how it’s NOT done. I like the connections — just don’t like being “the” product. I’d even pay a membership if it would protect my personal info and still allow me to interact. I think that any platform is going to have to decide though, whether or not it is a media company or a social connector. Facebook never made up their mind, and that’s part of the problem. They want it both ways. Thanks for a though provoking article.

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  3. jfrances40 says:

    Your words are right out of my head! Thank you for speaking them.

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  4. Lisa, what a thoughtful and provoking post! It’s about time that people started to look at what is going on, and how these wonderful programs are working. Nothing is for nothing, as I was taught, and I think we are learning what the payment for FB really is.

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  5. Perhaps Ronnie, that’s the most true statement. Nothing is for nothing and the public suffers from this. I think regulation may be needed as well.


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