David Hockney at 80

We should all age like David Hockney. At 80, he paints everyday. Sometimes on his ipad, sometimes on canvas. Lucky for us, we get to see his work and appreciate how his art has evolved in his life.

A little break in the cold weather provided a perfect morning to wander through the exhibit, transported from Britain’s Tate to New York City’s Met, chatting with my friend Claudia, comparing the prolific artist’s younger works with current ones. 

As a young man, Hockney embraced his homosexuality, proudly expressed in his paintings. Growing up in Britain, he fantasized about life in Los Angeles, dreaming of sunny weather and water, especially swimming pools. He’s spent the past 30 years living on and off in California, a residence that has informed his work.

The show includes works inspired by his mentors, particularly Pablo Picasso, his love of nature, and desire to combine genres. One of my favorites is “Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica,” (1990). Hockney invited friends to accompany him on an hour and a half drive through the Santa Monica Mountains, choreographing the views, twists and turns in the road to music by Richard Wagner. Later, he turned the experience into a painting.

At the Met until Feb. 25th. Go.






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10 Responses to David Hockney at 80

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  2. Going to see this tomorrow. I love Hockney, ever since I saw him in the Deux Magots in Paris when I was 16. His hair and his suit were both sage green. Something had gone wrong with his bleached blond look…

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  3. Drjcwash says:

    Beautiful. I am going to the Met this month with a few of the residents. Maybe our guide will include some of his work on our tour.

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  4. Pamela says:

    Oh, how I’d like to see this exhibit. I love Hockney’s colors and form and obvious joy of life. And I love Santa Monica and that drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. How long is the exhibit there? One of these days I need to travel from Boston to NYC and get in some Hockney.

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  5. Feb. 25th. Worth the trip!


  6. Oh how I envy your easy access to THE city of cities! B is a huge fan of Hockney, and we’d love this. Hopefully it will come to SAM. 😉

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  7. ‘Haven’t gotten there yet, but was in NY on Sunday and one of my friends who DID see it said it was more exciting than the Michelangelo exhibit. Too many wonderful things to do and see!

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