Chemical Crayons

Sometimes a crayon should just be a crayon.

Not so for blogger and crafter, Que Interesante, whose slogan “where geek meets art” helps her sell products that combine science with craft items.

For a few bucks, you can buy her stick-on labels that match a crayon color with an element from the Periodic Table.

Well, far be it from me to stand in the way of anyone being entrepreneurial while also creating something that amps up science education.

That said, I won’t be buying them for my grandkids. They have time to learn about elements and the periodic table. I’d be happier if they could name a color beyond the basic ROYGBIV. For example, look at synonyms for red: scarlet and crimson, ruby and chili, maroon and cinnabar, fire engine and cardinal, vermillion and cherry. And so on. I’d love to hear children use these in their vocabulary to describe something they see in nature, or in writing fairy tales and poetry, or in coloring.

Maybe it comes down to the whole left brain/right brain debate. I fall into the right brain—visual, creative versus left: mathematical and logical. The theory, however, has been debunked as the sides of the brain don’t work independently of each other.

Maybe that’s what QueInteresante is doing by mixing geek with art.

So congrats QueInteresante on your line of products and your commitment to raising our kids’ scientific knowledge. Thanks to blog friend, ksbeth,  for posting about these labels.

Sometimes a crayon should just be a crayon. What do you think?



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5 Responses to Chemical Crayons

  1. ksbeth says:

    ❤ thanks for sharing and I’m a right-brainer too )


  2. mercyn620 says:

    I think my scientifically geeky grandson would love them. He is not interested in artistry but might pick up a crayon with these labels.

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  3. A crayon can be a crayon and still have a cool, interesting, educational name. It’s learning by accident while playing.


  4. Katherine says:

    I decided to go to Art classes after my vision was affected by accident.I was very nervous but I always did love colour and the different shades.Even if what we do is not” good” we learn so much from learning how to see.I’d love to draw like the great artists but still go on doing funny little images! I think now your whole body must be involved

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  5. Coloring, art, is great for our minds and bodies! Enjoy!


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