Holiday Shopping: Gun Control

Making your holiday shopping lists? Already hitting the stores and online sites?

Have you considered adding a bulletproof backpack for your children and grandchildren?

When my kids went to school, I packed their lunches and hoped they had whatever else they needed for the day: homework, musical instruments, gym clothes. Nevertheless, invariably I’d receive a phone call to deliver a forgotten item. I wasn’t always able to oblige. Parents now can add a bulletproof insert to backpacks. There are other products too: bulletproof fleeces, binders and briefcases.

Hey, this is America. There’s a market for everything.

Yesterday marked one week since the church shooting in Texas that left 26 innocent people dead. Tomorrow marks one week since Election Day that put some Democrats in office dedicated to changing the lenient gun laws that have allowed killers to purchase weapons of mass destruction.

On my way to and from Connecticut to visit my parents, I pass the exit for Newtown, CT. I worked there as a reporter and can’t help think about the murder of 26 people there, 20 first- graders among them. I can’t fathom the pain these families endure, only to have repeated efforts to curtail gun ownership repeatedly defeated. It’s like a constant slap in the face. Or more likely, it’s a middle finger, raised daily, with the accompanying epithet; a reminder that their children’s lives don’t matter.

It’s gotten more wintery in the Northeast. We had a warm October, thanks to climate change. On February 2nd, we’ll look for the groundhog, hoping for an early spring. Yet it’s been Groundhog Day in Congress for years. Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy, campaigning for gun control after the massacre in his state, said after the Las Vegas gun rampage that killed 58 people, “I wish it didn’t feel like Groundhog Day- but one day it won’t.”

Here’s hoping. Or you may be buying weapons to put into backpacks next to the peanut butter sandwiches and gym clothes.

Keep up the resistance.






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5 Responses to Holiday Shopping: Gun Control

  1. So it has come to that! Cna’t live like an ostrich


  2. Incredible that your idea might sound like a viable one to many people.


  3. I hear you. The Newtown parents are suing the AR 15 manufacturer…and they may be getting somewhere


  4. Another friend just wrote a post about her kids theories on how to survive a shooting… the eldest is 9 years old. It’s all just too much to bear.

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  5. And nothing is done!


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