Cycling Catalonia

Thanks to good Internet marketing, I opened an ad for MontefuscoCycling.

We’ve been to Madrid in Spain and I was curious about exploring the countryside on a bike. Catalonia, located in the northwest corner of Spain, bordered by the coast and mountains, is well-known in cycling circles by teams training for big events, like the Tour de France.

While the mountain roads are steep and curvy, there’s little traffic except for other cyclists, and the rare car slows and waits with patience and reverence I’ve never witnessed. Claudio, the owner of the company, created several days of self-guided touring and he carried our luggage from hotel to hotel.

We ended in the small city of Figueres and toured the Salvador Dali museum, then spent a day and a half in Barcelona, taking in as much Antoni Gaudi architecture as out time allowed. So inspiring.



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5 Responses to Cycling Catalonia

  1. Magical! So happy that you posted pictures. Enjoy.


  2. Drjcwash says:

    Thank you for the pictures. Beautiful place.


  3. Gorgeous photos Lisa and one has to love Claudio and his brilliantly thought out company! ❤
    Diana xo


  4. Beautiful images, wonderful memories of you visit to that beautiful city!


  5. Great photos and so exciting to see where you are traveling! Love it!


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